When the Guy is Rough In Bed With You

boyfriend rough in bed with meWhat does it mean exactly when the guy is very rough with you sexually – when he grabs you, pushes and pulls your body, pulls your hair, removes you clothes and otherwise handles you rougher in bed than any other guy has? What is it supposed to say to you about your lover when he holds you by your neck or holds your arms behind your back when having sex with you?  Should that type of behavior be a concern to you?

Chances are that you don’t have too much to worry about, especially if you don’t mind, or are even turned on, by a little force. This kind of rough behavior usually means that  –

(a) he is a really passionate guy who is not ashamed of doing what he really wants and whose masculinity and sexual freedom have not been suppressed by political correctness or rejection. He does as he pleases and he is comfortable enough with you to be himself without being concerned about his behavior being perceived as disrespectful. He relies your feminine nature to appreciate his aggressive behavior.

(b) he is really, really attracted to you. The more attracted he is to you and the more he wants you, the rougher he will be with you. I can’t think of a greater analogy to make this point clear except comparing this to being extremely hungry and then shoving your favorite food in your mouth because you finally got what you really wanted, or drinking way too fast when you are extremely thirsty.

So, if the guy acts really rough in bed with you, as if he just got out of prison and hasn’t seen or smelled a woman in years, even though he sees you regularly, take it as a compliment to your sex appeal, unless of course you don’t like it and you prefer to be treated more gently.

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4 months ago

My boyfriend is very rough and I’m scared it’s going to get worse