When Your Work Interferes with Your Dating Life

true love and connectionAsk any older person you know – ask any (former) “player”, male or female, who dated around for years, or who has been married and divorced several times or anyone else with a long dating resume – ask them about how many people they believe they were truly in love with and had a special connection with out of dozens or even hundreds of people they met, went out with and had sex with. I doubt the number you will ever hear be greater than 3 or 4. In fact, most people are lucky to truly fall in love at least once in their life. Then, of course, the big question is whether your love is reciprocated. To love and be loved equally strongly of course happens even more rarely. And, I am not talking about just liking each other and having fun going out on dates. I am talking about the kind of special connection that strongly suggests to you that the person you met was really sent your way by some higher force because of the way you can relate to each other mentally, sexually and otherwise.

Because finding true love and connection is so hard and happens so rarely, you should make sure that you don’t let it slip away for any kind of insignificant reasons. For instance, if you live an hour or two away from each other and you are used to dating someone who lives a walking distance from you, you shouldn’t let it stand between you and the person who you feel so much stronger about. It’s great when someone you like that much lives nearby and when other logistical factors work in your favor, but life just doesn’t work like that. You need to ask yourself whether 1-2 hour drive justifies enjoying a far more intense kind of intimacy, both sexually and otherwise

Likewise, you should not let your work schedule and other obligations deprive you of other things that makes your life worth living. You must make time for a person you truly fell in love with no matter what it takes. When you don’t give yourself time to enjoy the love and the passion that has been sent your way, and when you let mundane obligations stand in the way of your own happiness, you turn into a victim or even a slave of your own life’s circumstances. This is where you need to be a little more selfish and look after your own interests because no one else will – certainly not your boss or your clients.  No one will bother to ever remind you what’s truly important to you, what experiences cannot be replicated or bought with any money, and when it’s time for you to put other things aside and focus on the special connection you found.  I don’t care how busy you are. You can find an hour for a walk, dinner, a very late dinner, sex and heart-to-heart conversation. Even half of hour of doing any of the above is so much more than nothing. Putting an effort to make it happen will make it all the more clear to your partner how much you care.

Stop playing the power games with someone you truly love. Forget about the “rules”. Don’t let your own ego stand in your way toward love, when you already have to deal with so many expected and unexpected obstacles. Don’t cock-block yourself out of passion. Are you a girl who fought with the guy you really love? – Call him and tell him that you screwed up, you missed him and you want to see him so that you can apologies properly. Are you a guy who pushed his beloved away for no good reason? Show up at her door, hug her and tell her that you are sorry. If she loves you, I guarantee you that she will be very happy to see you and her tears will be a clear proof of that. And your ability to put your ego aside will make you look so much stronger and so much more attractive in her eyes.

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