Underrated, Great Place to Meet Women

great place to meet womenOne of the most fun jobs that I have had during college was working at an Italian coffee and ice-cream shop. I worked there every Saturday and Sunday for over three years. One great part about that job was that during my shift I was the only employee there, so I had the freedom to talk to customers as long as I wanted and about whatever I wanted. I was able to be myself and have normal conversations, especially with locals, rather than just being a barista.

Besides having endless opportunities to meet and talk to girls without putting any effort into it whatsoever, since they were the ones who were coming into the store and about asking questions about the ice cream, I also witnessed how many guys, who would come in to buy ice cream,  would start talking to the women there, and how easy and natural it was for them to start a conversation at that kind of place.

Most¬†guys wouldn’t think of a two-table, tiny ice-cream shop as a pick-up spot, but I assure you that the amount of flirting that I saw there far exceeded anything that I have seen at any club. Typically, two or more girls would come in, look at the flavors and ask to try a few samples of ice cream before buying one. Then a couple of guys would come in and would start a very natural, relevant conversation with the girls in one of the few ways. “Is that flavor any good?” as¬†one of them would¬†be addressing one of¬†the girls who was trying a sample.¬†¬†Or one of the guys would try a sample and then would come up to the girl and say: “You should try this… it’s really good.” or something like that. From there, moving¬†the conversation to “do you live in the area?” and going off on any tangent was just a matter of a few moments. The fact that generally girls are in a pretty good mood when they are about to have a dessert¬†also helps making it all the easier to talk to them.

Many guys are looking for the biggest and the busiest bar or a nightclub when they are looking to meet women. However, the far more important factor is the environment in which you are in and not that number of girls in¬†the room. The other important factor is your comfort level in that environment. If you don’t feel like you are not in your plate, you won’t be able to talk to any girls, even if you are surrounded by 50 of them on the dance floor. Being in the same room with 100 girls will do no good to you if they are all drunk, if it’s so loud that you can’t even hear yourself talk, and if the girls have their shields on, expecting to shut down just about every guy who tries to come up to them and talk to them. And if¬†five¬†drunk guys¬†have already came up to them and tried to pick them up in the most lame way, can you¬†blame them for¬†not being friendly to the sixth guy?

Even if you generally¬†have a hard time approaching and talking to girls,¬†trying to start a conversation at¬†such a place¬†as a small coffee shop or even better – a small ice cream shop like the one where I worked at, would be much more realistic for you. A small, neighborhood ice cream place is a great place to meet women, and it might just be one of the best and easiest place to strike up a conversation. Don’t be turned off by the small size of any given venue or the small amount of people that it can accommodate. Being in the same room as one or two other girls,¬†where you can and have reasons to start talking to them, is much better than being at a huge bar with tons of women, all of whom look either drunk, or angry and extremely unfriendly or all of the above.

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9 years ago

ironically, if you talk to people, most (or at least many) people met their boyfriend/girlfriend when they least expected it rather than for when they were actually looking.

is this to say going out and meeting women is wrong because it'll come to you for doing nothing? no.

but i think it's important to go out and be social, regardless if there is an attractive woman there. go out with your friends and have fun, and if you see a cute girl you like, approach her. but don't go to a specific location and base your happiness on how many women you approach because then it won't seem natural. women will put their guards up once they know you're practically hunting for them, rather than approaching them at your convienience.