Why Guys Treat You Like a Sex Object

(Last Updated On: 12/25/2015)

sex objectMany women are really unhappy when guys treat them like sex objects, staring at their lips, chest, legs, and butts and obviously undressing them with their eyes. It’s not uncommon for a guy to just check the girl out or think about how hot she is and how much fun she would be in bed instead of listening to what she has to say during a friendly conversation, a business meeting or on a date with someone she barely knows and just recently met. Some men are better about hiding this than others.

Being treated like a sex object naturally happens more to the more physically attractive and/or provocatively dressed women and can indeed be annoying and frustrating especially when a woman is trying to work as hard as she can to assert herself as an educated, intelligent and successful individual, who wants to make a statement in this world not only as a woman but as a professional.

So, if you are one of those women who feels like she is being objectified at the wrong time in the wrong place – what can you do about it and should you do anything about the looks and the innuendos you get at all?

You have two options. The first one is to try to fight the men’s perception of you by calling them on their behavior, raising your “bitch shields” when you are out in a social or professional environment, and otherwise making yourself appear as a tougher woman. This, however, will hardly achieve any positive results. For obvious reasons, you cannot change men and the way they operate. By becoming a tough woman you are likely to hurt yourself more than help. Having an overtly skeptical, antagonistic mindset toward men can be a serious obstacle to your dating life and to being as open as you should be in order to have the chance of finding love.

A much better and wiser approach is embracing and understanding men’s nature. It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with it or endorse, but understanding where it’s coming from and not denying its origin that’s rooted deeply in the male physiology can be very helpful. It is very important that you accept this extremely powerful male drive to perceive a woman as a sex object  first and foremost, before they see anything else in that female, especially if she is very attractive.  This is not about tolerating disrespectful degrading behavior, or unwelcome sexual advances. This is simply about understanding how men operate and accepting the fact that the fact that they perceive you as a sex object is not a bad thing. It just is. And if nothing else – it’s a compliment. And let’s also not assume that just because a man appreciate your face body, it means he doesn’t appreciate your mind, heart and character. Why can’t he do both?

It so happens that women who understand men on that “guys” level get much more respect and come across as much more attractive and desirable women for dating and relationships that those women who are uptight and attempt to make men feel guilty about who they are and what they naturally desire.

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