Top Three Mistakes Women Make When Posting Dating Profile Photos

After reviewing hundreds of women’s dating profiles on various popular dating sites, I would like to share with you the following top three mistakes women make with regard to the photos they post,¬†based on my observations. I would then like to suggest¬†several practical recommendations¬†on how you can make your dating profile photos and therefore your whole profile more attractive to men:

1. Posting trashy photos.

Browsing profile after profile I saw photos of women in extremely revealing skimpy outfits standing at a bar/club with their girlfriends and posing provocatively – like strippers. This is about the most common mistake that women make when posting their images on dating sites. While it’s a good idea to convey to guys that you know how to have a good time, this is about the worst way to do it.

You cannot expect to be taken seriously as a woman and a potential dating partner if that’s how you present yourself to the male world. Remember, there is a huge difference between elegant and classless, sexy and trashy, enticing and intriguing and grossly provocative. The photo below is an actual photo of a member of one of the more popular online dating sites. dating profile photos mistakes

2. Posting photos with your kids.

It’s great that you are raising a child and he is your priority in life, and you should certainly be honest and upfront about it, mentioning it in your profile and perhaps even posting one photo of you and your baby.

However, there is no need for you to turn your kid into the main focus of your profile. You must keep in mind the purpose of posting your dating profile. You are not there to look for a babysitter or a new father figure for your child. You are looking for a potential dating partner. Focusing your photos around your kid/s will give¬†guys the wrong idea. They will immediately assume that you are not going to be available to talk to them, see them and spend time with them because of the fact that all of your time and attention consumed¬†by your children,¬†even if that’s not the case.

3. Posting only the photos of your face.

Whether you take pride in your¬†body or whether you don’t and you think that you could lose a few pounds, there is no point in hiding it. If you have nice body, there is no reason to hide it. You don’t have to post bikini photos or any other overly erotic or suggestive images of yourself, but¬†posting at least one¬†full-height photo in form fitting dress or jeans and a top will give every guy an idea that you are not hiding anything. If you are overweight, still show what you look like. It’s who you are today and you should be open about it. Showing only your face on the dating site to only later see that look of disappointment on a guy’s face when he meets you face-to-face is going to be much more hurtful and will waste much more time to both of you than allowing men to see what your body looks like before you meet in person.

Keep the above three points in mind when you are thinking about posting photos on your online dating profile, and your photos will make your profile more attractive and more honest.

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  1. It isn’t “assumption” it’s 2 marriages and decades of experience and observation.

  2. I don’t know if you can assume that much about a person just based on their dog picture.

  3. No! It demonstrates a desire for obedience and unquestioned loyalty or worse yet, they identify more easily with a dog than a man. I never mentioned any other animal but dogs for a reason. Loyalty and controllability.

  4. That’s an easy one. Some are full of themselves. Others are seeking never ending attention and validations. And some don’t know any better and actually think that this makes them look more attractive to the opposite sex.

  5. Interesting…. on the other hand, when a girl is holding an animal or playing with an animal, it can be quite cute and endearing and adds a warm touch to an image, wouldn’t you say?

  6. Posting pictures of your dog!

  7. That’s very true. I think we have good news and the pouting pictures slowly but surely go out of style.

  8. What does it tell us if a man has 20 photos of himself? Along with bathing suit photos and pics of himself at a bar? I can't help but wonder about the men with 19-25 photos of themselves. Do they really think we need that many? And then they give you their facebook info (because they are collecting 'friends' that are cute women) and if you go on there you will find hundreds of photos but somewhere in each one you will see his face. This is just too weird.


    Indeed, it’s surprising that “pouting” is so popular on facebook, dating sites and elsewhere considering that most people make fun of it and think it’s lame. Some girls pout in all of their photos and you can’t even tell what they really look like when the don’t.

  10. big turn off for me is when i see that lame, ugly duck face. soo gross.

  11. I agree with this article.
    This has happened, but not when she was partying. She’s 15 years old, she’s even younger than me, don’t think too mature. I’m 16. I don’t do those kind of things. She sent me a trashy picture from school one time but hopefully not when she was partying.

    I do suspect her for cheating, I wouldn’t really care if she does, it’s her choice. It’s a bad hobby and she’s really out of her mind. She even wrote that she wanted to live on her own. What shall I do? Is this my fault that this is happening? She has too many issues, now this is too obvious to spill the beans already.

    I’m ready to have a broken heart after this nonsense.
    Forgive me this is even more nonsense.

    It’s from both sides cause she might expected more of me to call more often since I did it earlier, that was way too much for her. It’s not that easy now that she’s just a kid, that I should be more available afterwards and it’s not gonna change now otherwise I call her more often.

    I should not had sent pictures of myself earlier. Now it’s no more pictures, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and next time she find out that she’s found another guy that she think is more mature, she will be nothing more than a friend.

  12. practicalhappiness.c

    That's a great question. Women should know that wearing a skimpy outfit, holding a drink in your hand and being surrounding by guys of questionable quality who are also drunk doesn't send a good message. Guys will necessarily make judgments about how promiscuous you are, but someone who is looking for a serious connection is going to assume based on that phone photo that you are a party girl, who is not very reliable on more levels than one. While people shouldn't assume too much based on just one photo, there is no need to put that particular photo on your page, and there are plenty of other kinds of photos you can and should post that would put you in a much better light.

  13. Then there’s women posting photos of many other guys surrounding them and their exes. It sounds fun but guys become pissed off and jealous. I did that (posting a photo of me and my ex and some other guys that could be seen) and some guys thought of me as a whore, slut, etc.

  14. I,completely agree with this article. Its like they are trying to sale themselves in a very cheap way… extremely vulgar..

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