Why Women Disappear After Acting Very Interested

(Last Updated On: 11/17/2017)

why women disappear after acting interestedOne of the more puzzling, disappointing and frustrating dating experiences for men is having women who seem to be interested in them disappear suddenly and unexpectedly. You go out with a girl on a date, who seems to really like you and you even make plans to do things the next time you see each other, and then oops – she doesn’t return your texts or calls. It’s hard for a male mind to understand what could possible drive this type of inconsistent behavior.

Among all possible reasons for this behavior, including being on a rebound, talking to a number of other guys, etc., the most common reason reason women disappear after acting interested is this – they are not really interested in you in a first place.  You might be saying – wait, but she was really into me on a date.  But, just because the girl acted interested, doesn’t mean that she genuinely intended to get to know you. It’s very likely that she acts interested in every guy she meets, because she is playing the “numbers game” and she believes that coming across as excited and interested is the right way to act with every guy she meets, who she might be interested in, but who is not necessarily interested in now. In other words, acting interest is the proper, polite and strategically right to be “just in case”.

This is more true today than ever before, because  this is the age of online dating that brings an infinite amount of men to women through all types of dating sites and apps. More and more women believe that dating is a numbers game, and the more men they meet, the more likely they are to meet Mr. Right – that amazing, special guy who will sweep them off their feet within 30 seconds of meeting them. This attitude is unrealistic and counterproductive for a number of reasons, but nevertheless – it’s extremely common among women, especially in metropolitan areas, where women have access to more  men than in smaller towns or rural areas.

So, how does being aware of this female behavior help you? – Well, at the very least it should help you avoid those type of disappointments in women who come across as very interested in you as soon as you meet them and then give you a could shoulder a day or two after. When you meet a woman, don’t assume that she is into you too early on no matter how interested she acts. Chances are she acts like this with most people and specifically – most men she meets. She should prove to you her interest by following through and wanting to see you and talk to you again and again.

This doesn’t mean that you have to assume the worst and act cold and distant when you initially meet women. You can be as warm and as friendly as you wish, but don’t start expecting too much too soon, just because the girl you are talking to is laughing hard at your jokes, stroking her hair, crossing her legs, and leans toward you, especially if she had a few drinks. Real interest takes time to develop, especially in women.

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