Why You Should Not Worry About Competition When Meeting Women

competition when meeting womenNo matter what club, restaurant, or a bar you are planning to try to approach and talk to girls at, there will be plenty of other guys there who are just as interested in meeting those same women as you are. However, you should not concern yourself with competition when meeting women from those other guys for two simple but compelling reasons reasons:

1. Most normal guys are unable to talk to a girl unless they are drunk.

Women complain that only lame guys, thugs, etc… hit on them all the time, but how often do you think they are actually hit on by a normal guy the normal way, and by someone who is not drunk? I assure you that this doesn’t happen too often to any girl. No matter where you are and how many guys stare at the same girl at a cafe, bookstore, train stop or anywhere else, 99% of the time no one makes a move.

And the more lame guys approach any girl the wrong way, the more frustrated and jaded she becomes. Sure, after many bad experiences of being approached the wrong way, she will be more skeptical about anyone, including you. At the same time, once you break that initial barrier and show to her that you are different, she will also be impressed by you more and will appreciate talking to you more, because she knows that the kind of interaction she has with you is not common and is probably not going to happen to her soon again with another guy, because you seem to be so much more interesting and… sober.

Contrary to what some would suggest, cock-blocking is a very rare phenomenon. Whenever you see an attractive girl (outside bars and clubs), a number of guys might be staring at her, but it’s not like you have to take a number to talk to her. You will usually be the only one trying to talk to her, and known will usually try to interfere.

2. Competition should not be an issue, because most guys are boring.

Most men have nothing interesting to say when they come up and try to start a conversation with a girl, before going out with her, on a first date, or later. The more attractive a girl is, the more likely she has heard the same lines over and over before and the more likely she has answered the same cliche questions from guys and had the same generic conversations with different guys she meets over and over. If you suspect that you might be boring, it’s time learn how to stop being boring. If you are not boring – if you have a funny/sarcastic edge, and you have a few interesting opinions to share and interesting, thoughtful questions to ask, it will automatically make you stand out from the rest of the guys, and competition will not be an issue.

Just like in business, you should not allow competition to discourage you from approaching women. No matter how many guys are interested in the same girl, or what the gender ratio in your city is, like with doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals – the best ones always have more business than they can handle. This is just the nature of any business. And this equally applies to meeting and dating girls – some guys will get more attention and more positive feedback from women than they could manage, while others will be pushed to the sidelines of dating, romance, and sex and will get no action at all for months or for years. You can’t blame competition for lack of success in meeting girls, because competition is mostly an imaginary issue.

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9 years ago

Competition is not a problem in a game one has no chance of winning…