Why You Should Not Complain About Your Dating Life On A Date

complain about your dating life on a dateWhether you are a guy or a girl, when you go out with someone for the first time, he/she will most likely ask you how your dating life has been so far. If you met that person on one of the online dating sites, your date will likely ask you at some point “So, how do you like being on this site so far?” “did you have a lot of luck on this site?” or something along those lines. It’s not always clear what liking the site or having a lot of luck exactly means, but those questions are inevitably coming your way.

Many people are tempted to respond to this kind of question by talking about all the bad things that they have experienced meeting people in general or meeting people on line. They think that talking about all the boring interactions and bad dates they recently had will be a good ice breaker or somehow bring them closer together to the person they are talking to at that moment, especially if they can relate to each other. But this is rarely the case. Bitching about bad dates or crying on your date’s shoulder about how bad your dating life has been, or how you are not meeting enough “quality “people because your standards are just way too high and you are sooo picky will not benefit you or flatter you in any way. Even if you have all the valid reasons in the world to complain about your recent dates, when you do – it inevitably creates an impression that something might be wrong with you, and that’s why you keep having these bad dating experiences over and over. Or, it throws you straight into the friends zone, because that’s what friends do – talk about their respective dating lives and experiences.

So, don’t complain about your dating life on a date. 

And if you are being asked this type of question, then the best way to handle it is by giving a brief, relatively neutral answer and then moving onto a different subject. Here is an example of one good answer: “Some experiences are better than others, just like it probably is for anyone else out there.”  Don’t expand and don’t elaborate any further than that. Then, switch the topic and move on to talk about something else altogether. And whatever you do, do not ask your date the same question after you answered. The goal is to switch the subject and never go back to talking about it. You will have plenty of time bond and share stories about bad dates later, if you end up liking each other and go out again. First date is not he time to do it.

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