How To Benefit From Dating Apps When Approaching Women in Real Life

approaching women in real lifeOne of the ironic effects of online dating is that as it becomes more and more popular, guys are less and less likely to approach and strike up conversations and meet women in person. In fact, in many places guys stopped approaching and trying to talk to women in person altogether. As they say, when you don’t use it, you lose it, and it certainly applies to guys who try to meet women mostly or exclusively online, and who lose their skill and courage that are needed to approach women.¬† Because men are so much less likely to make a move today than before, women don’t even expect it to happen nearly as much as before. What used to be annoying to women – being¬†picked up by guys in random places all the time¬†–¬†is now more rare than ever¬†before.

This, however, creates great opportunity for a smaller group of those guys who refuse to settle for online dating and who will continue approaching women in real life. Approaching a woman today in person, assuming she is single, available and finds you attractive, or at least not unattractive, will create a far greater emotional impact on her than any message she will get online and it has become so rare, especially in big cities where just about everyone seems to be exclusively relying on dating apps. While many women are not ready and do not want to talk to random guys on the street or in bars and clubs, the ones who miss that part of flirting and dating and who want to see more of it from men will very much appreciate your effort more than ever before, simply because they are just not approached as often today as they used to.

Also, when you send a message to a girl on the online dating¬†site, you are much less likely to stand out among ten, twenty or more other messages she received that day, unless you are an exceptional writer or extremely good looking, or both. And even then, she might simply not get to all the messages or not be able to keep up with all¬† the guys who contact her online. On the other hand, when you strike up a conversation with¬†a girl in person and she likes you¬†that will likely make you stand out in her mind¬†from all the other guys who she exchanges messages online with, no matter how many guys she is talking to.¬†For many women today, the mere fact that a guy makes a move deserves respect and admiration, since it’s so much less common today, and that’s a great start to any approach already.

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