If You Are Interested In Her, Call Her.

calling womenDo you want to talk to her and see her? No more texting or DM’ing to test the waters. It’s time to become a man, pick up the phone and call her, so that you can hear each other’s voice, and have a real, live conversation. “But no one calls these days” you say. Good. You will be the one of the very few to do it and stand out from the rest, and make it clear to that woman that you are better than the rest, at least in this regard.

Ask her how she is, say something funny or interesting or both, try to engage in the type of banter you wish you had with your partner, and listen to what she has to say. Do you like her voice? Do you think she likes yours? Now you are in a much better position to decide whether you actually want to meet and spend time together.

She will appreciate it because she missed this simple gesture so much. She won’t be able to remember the last time a guy asked her out by calling her, rather than texting.

Calling is easy, and it doesn’t cost anything. And if it’s not easy, it’s a fun personal challenge to confront and overcome, if you feel you are lacking in the conversation making department.  Start enjoying more the sound of voice and less the sound of your keyboad.

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