How Dating Apps Discourage Finding A Meaningful Connection

dating apps meaningful connectionIn this day and age of online dating and having a seemingly unlimited amount of options when it comes to meeting people, especially for women, finding a connection that will satisfy a person’s deeper romantic needs is more challenging and elusive than ever before.

If you are on a mission to find that special connection online, I would like to suggest to you that the “regular” dating sites such as Match, OkCupid and POF are better for that purpose than the popular swiping apps such as Tinder and Bumble. This is primarily for one simple reason – the regular dating sites encourage a more meaningful communication. They do it in two ways: (1) they force you to write more about yourself, thereby making it easier for the opposite sex to have something to write to you about; and (2) because these sites have a desktop application, you have the option (which you should use) of writing longer / more meaningful and more interesting messages to the people you are interested in meeting.

On the other hand, Bumble, Tinder and alike apps don’t have the desktop platform, and they force you to type your messages on your cellphone. While it’s still possible to have an interesting interaction that way, most people will find writing interesting messages to be too time consuming and too frustrating. Thus, making a connection with someone after a few one liners on the cellphone is far less likely than when writing “real” messages that provide a better a deeper insight into who you are and what you have on your mind.

Consider the following type of typical exchange on a swiping app that you should really not be having if you are looking for that serious connection. This kind of exchange usually goes nowhere.

“Hey… how are you?”
“Good, you?”
“Fine, having a good day? I like your photos. You cute>”
“Thanks, you are easy on the eye yourself. What are you doing?”
“Not much, just at work. How about you?
“I am about to go to a meeting. Catch you later?”
“Sure. TTYL”

I am not sure why Bumble and Tinder do not have desktop versions, and what the exact business reasons behind this is, but I think that these apps would serve their users much better if they provided the option of typing messages on a real, full size keyboard.

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Bob Rakole
Bob Rakole
5 years ago

Most people on POF and OKC don’t care about the profile nearly as much as the pics. Tinder is just being honest.

5 years ago
Reply to  Bob Rakole

Well, hopefully this makes the minority of those who care about what people right stand out all the more in the eyes of those members of the opposite sex who are looking for the same.