A Sure Way To Tell if There is Romantic Chemistry on a Date

chemistry on a date Romantic chemistry is as elusive as it sought after and hoped for by every person who goes out on a date with someone they recently met. The hope of having chemistry is what excites and motivates us to go out on dates.  Although most people would have a hard time defining what chemistry between the two people means exactly, we all like to use that word to describe a connection that we have with the other person when we enjoy each other’s company finding each other interesting, funny, sharing various specific views, being on the same frequency when it comes to humor and sarcasm and are feeling strong sexual attraction toward each other. On the other hand, “lack of chemistry” is a blanket statement that we like to use to describe a situation in which we are not attracted to the other person even though he/she could be great in many ways, and we can’t quite explain why.

So, what is a good way to find out quickly and reliably whether there is chemistry on a date between you and that woman you think you are attracted to? One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by having the most simple, the most “boring” dates. Interestingly enough, when there is chemistry between two people they really, really enjoy being with each other even if they do absolutely nothing.

Thus, if you invite a woman over to your place and you just have a great time sitting next to each other and watching a bad tv show, or just talking and then possibly going to bed together and enjoying intimacy, then obviously you have great chemistry – a connection that doesn’t depend on external sources of entertainment. On the other hand, if as soon as you are planning a date, one of you or both of you is really anxious to figure out what you are going to be doing once you meet, it’s not a good sign. This usually mean that because being in a company of each other isn’t really all that exciting to you, it is a pretty strong indication that there is not much chemistry between the two of you and having a fancy date that involves dining, theater, and other activities will only postpone the inevitably discovery of what really matters – that you don’t really enjoy each other’s company.

Many guys feel compelled to come up with creative destinations for their dates. Ironically, the most common reason for that is that the woman they are going out with or about to go out with is not the right one for them, or it’s because they haven’t learned yet how to become and be interesting to the opposite sex. That’s why they are afraid to have “boring” dates. As a man, you should focus on getting to place where your conversational skills allow you to have these types of simple dates without the need of providing expensive entertainment for your dates. And using this boring date trick will save you a lot of time in learning who you really like and who really likes you among the women you meet and date.

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  1. Great info thanks a lot! this helped me understand where we stand, we definitely have a strong chemistry and I cant wait to see him again! 🙂

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