How To Stop Wasting Time on Countless, Boring Dates

One of the most common complaints I hear from people about online dating is how much time they feel they are wasting on going on tons of bad, boring dates that don’t lead to anything interesting or serious.  In the video below, I talk about one simple, effective thing you can do to dramatically reduce the amount of these boring dates, and at the same time increase the chances that your future dates will be far more interesting and have way more potential to turn into something meaningful:

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Spreadsheet Jockey
Spreadsheet Jockey
5 years ago

Do you think this would apply to millennials as well?

I feel like for our generation (I’m 26), texting has replaced phone calls

5 years ago

Hi. I think it especially applies to millenials. Look, of course most young people are totally fine with texting today and that’s what they expect. However, there are still plenty of girls who have romantic dreams and hopes of all sorts, and who would very much appreciate the gesture of calling. This doesn’t mean you have to call all the time or every day. No one has to choose between texting and calling and you can do both. Your question inspired me to write a short article specifically about this. I will post a link here shortly, as soon as it’s available.