How to Pass Women’s Tests with Flying Colors

(Last Updated On: 10/21/2017)

women's testsMost dating advice programs and books for men discuss women’s tests in one form or another, and for a good reason. These tests usually involve some kind of behavior or statement that push a guy’s buttons and test his response to see if he is confident enough and strong enough to handle it the right way without letting upset him or otherwise get to him.

1. A Woman’s Tests Is One Way For Her to Fine Out If There Is Something About  You That She Would Consider a Deal Breaker

For instance, a woman might say as early as a first date “You are mean” at a certain point in a conversation to see if you would bend, beg for forgiveness and would promise to never do whatever you did that brought about the her complaint, or whether you would just tease her about it and treat her like a crying baby, if appropriate. Or, a girl might talk very highly about her ex, which is also an unconscious test to see whether you will be like a few of those guys she met in the past who were obsessing about her past, or whether you a different kind of guy – someone who is not bothered by her past and by how much she liked her exes. By testing you when talking about how wonderful her ex was, she will be subconsciously looking to hear from you: “Wow, he sounds like a great guy. I wish I could meet him and learn a few tips from him.”

2. Women’s Tests Are a Compliment to You

You should appreciate women’s tests when they come your way. A woman’s test is a compliment to you, because it means that she probably likes you. She is interested in you but she is also trying to determine whether you have one of those qualities that are deal-breakers to her, such as being jealous, insecure or otherwise emotionally unstable by pushing your buttons. When you pass a woman’s test, you become automatically more attractive to her, not to mention the fact that women’s tests are fun if you are able to recognize them and know how to deal with them the right way.

Thus, the next time a woman, who you just started seeing and who seems to like you, tells you that she is going out on a date with this guy she just met, don’t be one of those jealous, insecure guys who would freak out and would start interrogating her about who that guy is, why she is going out with him and whether she likes him more or less than you. Instead, encourage her to go out and have fun with him. Go even further and say playfully: “I can be your warm up date for your real date later then.” This kind of self-deprecating humor will communicate beyond any doubt that you are totally confident and yourself, that you are really not threatened by any other guy and any competition over her attention does not really concern you.  These are the qualities that are very attractive to those women who are worth your time and attention.

3. Common Examples of Women’s Tests And Fun Comebacks

Here are some other useful examples of simple, fun, sarcastic responses to women’s tests, through which you can show your confidence and sense of humor with the girl who you already established some connection with:

What’s the last time your had sex? Answer: this morning, but it wasn’t that great. Last night’s girl was much better.
– How long have you been single? Answer: I am actually married, but I am looking for a girlfriend… or two.
– If she refers to you being out as a “date”, you should immediate correct her: “Sorry, this is strictly business.”
– Do you do this with every girl you meet/go out with? – No. Only with the odd ones; not the even ones.
– What do you value? Answer: money, image, labels. I am what a drive.
– What kind of women do you like? Answer: I am looking for three qualities: flaky, superficial, and dramatic.
– You know I am not sleeping with you, right? – Eww!? Sleeping? Why would you say something so obscene?

These seemingly absurd responses will likely get a good laugh out of a girl who is smart, who is not uptight, and who generally gets dry humor and sarcasm. And, this is one of the better way to amplify your flirting with a girl, especially at the early stages, such as your first date. Of course, you don’t want to be sarcastic all the time, as that will make her not want to take you seriously, but the right amount of this type of flirting before being serious, can really add spice to your interaction and how that you don’t give in to this type of pressure easily.

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