Why Men Keep Using You For Sex And How To Avoid Them In The Future

confident with women all the timeHere are a few useful observations for any woman who feels she has been used by men over and over without being able to built anything deeper and more meaningful:

Men Who Are Interested in More Than Just Sex Act The Same As Women Would

When you start talking to a guy who is interested in more than just sleeping with a woman, he will be behaving very similarly to a woman who is looking for a relationship. Sooner than later he will be asking you questions to determine whether you are potentially a good long-term fit, such as what’s important to you in life and in your partner, your short term and long term goals, your likes and dislikes and other similar, big picture questions. That guy might be more or less direct about all this, but your conversations will inevitably go beyond small talk, because that guy’s goal will be not to simply be liked by you enough to sleep with him, but to determine whether you are actually a good match on various levels.

It’s Often Not Personal   

There is no way around the fact that many men are only looking for sex at one point of their life or another, or even throughout their entire life. They can’t always be accused of intentionally misleading women, becuase they are not always aware themselves of the fact that the only thing they want out of women is the thrill of novelty of a new flirting and sexual encounter. There is nothing you can do to change that or to change any of those men.

If’s He Sounds Too Good To Be True He Probably Is   

If you want to increase your chances of avoiding players, look out for guys who act like sleazy salesmen with you. If a guy is to smooth and he is showering you with compliments and things you would like to hear from a guy way too soon and before he even knows anything about you, chance are that he only has on objective. A guy who is looking for more than just sex will be focused way more on getting to know you and figuring out whether you are actually a good fith, rather than telling you how amazing you are 20 minutes into your first date.

It Might Be You And Not Them

Many women go through their single life feeling used over and over by men, accusing men of being evil, manipulative monstes, and never taking any time to reflect on their own behavior. But, if you are in that situation, it really is worth taking a moment and asking yourself the following difficult questions –

is there something about you that pushes those men away or isn’t attractive enough for them to get to know you beyond bed? Is there any way you could ask your friends or even former partner about whatit could be?

Is it possible that you keep going for the wrong type of guys over and over, not recognizing that they are generally not relationship material?

It is really worth thinking about the above aspects of your interactions with men, if you are stuck in the one night stand circle and are looking for a way out of it.

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24 days ago

Always make them wait and make sure there is consistent action and dating to prove intent.