Why Wearing Clothes That Fit You Well Makes you So Much More Attractive to Women

suit that fits rightYou have probably heard many times how women say that they don’t care as much about how expensive a guy’s clothes are, and they don’t even mind if he is skinny gay suit too tightwearing something from a thrift store, as long as they fit him right. You may think it’s not a big deal, but I believe that at least when it comes to approaching and meeting women and to first impressions, the importance of wearing clothes that you fit you is as critical as it is fundamental.

No guy can deny the fact that¬†when he wears a shirt, a coat or a suit that fits him, it makes him feel better about himself, and it adds confidence to his posture and¬†to how he walks.¬†That subtle difference in mannerisms makes the same guy appear¬†more attractive. On the other hand, a guy who wears clothes are at a size or more bigger than¬†what he should be¬†wearing will look and likely feel sloppy which will translate in a sloppier¬†and less graceful stance and manner¬†of walking. Just go downtown in any city and look around. Tha majority of guys wear clothes that are far too big for them and pants that are far too short, while the small¬†minority of guys are well put together. Look at the difference it makes. Women surely notice what you do, and it’s hard for them not to assume that if you are not put together on the outside, you are more likely to be a mess on the inside.

Wearing clothes that are too fitting, at least in the US, will also send the wrong message – that you are a metrosexual¬†or gay or that you are too self absorbed¬†and¬†care way too much about how you look. Tailored clothes and suits can be¬†a great addition to your wardrobe, but when you order a tailored piece of clothing, make sure that you tell the tailor not to make it too “tailored”. Make it clear that you do like some space between your body and the fabric.¬†Very few guys can pull off tailored/skinny suits that seem to be¬†popular today in many parts of the world. Unless you are European and/or have a very slim body type, that kind of suit is probably not for you and you need a more relaxed feet.¬†For example, the picture above on the left is an example of a well fitted suit, while the suit on the right side is well too fitted, and unless you are gay or live in Europe, you should probably stay way from that kind of cut.

If you are not sure what the right fit for you is, go to a store where you can get professional help. It may be well worth your while spending an hour at Nordstrom to get professional advice on what would flatter your body type most as far suits, pants and shorts go. Surely not every Nordstrom employee is an expert in style, so if you can bring a female friend with you whose opinion and style your trust to help, this will be even better. As we all know, most girls like clothes and fashion and would love to help. Besides, what would would refuse to have another another excuse to also shop for herself while she is helping you.

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6 years ago

Ot made them look “cool”, but I have to agree it does make the person look sloppy and did not care much at all. And I do think it doesn’t have to be expensive to look good; I believe it is how you carry yourself. Not all clothes are made for everyone since we all have our own tastes, body proportions, color, etc.