First Dates – Emotional Dysfunction Is Just As Bad As Erectile Dysfunction

good first date - emotional dysfunctionNo, I am not talking about erectile dysfunction. I am talking about another condition that affects both sexes -the ever so common emotional dysfunction. This generation pays a very high price for (over)using dating apps. Most Bumble / Hinge/ Tinder users aren’t even aware of the fact that they have practically lost their ability to fall in love and care deeply, because they have been chatting with way too many people and went on too many dates that didn’t lead anywhere. This is not how it works, and it simply can’t work this way. The biggest problem is that the vast majority of single people who are looking to date don’t even realize the gravity of the consequences of pointless chatting and going out on dates with random people that don’t even feel like dates.

Any guy who wonders why women put such minimal effort into their dating profiles, their text messages, and their dates, and why pretty much any texting dialogue dies down before it even developes, needs to come to terms with the fact that these women simply don’t care enough about dating in general and talking to any specific person they meet in particular. And, any woman who wonders why men give up on pursuing them so quickly for a reason or no good reason whatsoever, needs to realize the same thing -these men have way more options than they ever could have because of swiping. Sure, most of the time men don’t “convert” these interactions into anything worthwhile, but still -they get to talk to so many women. Thus, each specific interaction and each specific date with a new person loses its unique value. That’s why flaking and ghosting are at an all time high. Both sexes just don’t care.

This is why anyone who is trying to analyze why why their second date with someone never happened, even though the first date went so well, should know that the likely problem is not that they did something wrong, but that either side or both just don’t care enough to follow through and make it happen.

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