How To Make Sure He Doesn’t Take You Seriously After Your First Date

first date turn-offsThere is one thing that a woman can do to send a powerful instant message to the guy she is out with on a first date or even earlier -saying anything that suggests that she has a very long and colorful sexual resume. Here are three examples of things that women often say that might not sound like a big deal but which are often very damaging to their image:

“I am tired of one night stands / I am tired of guys disappearing after having sex with me.” — this suggests that this happened to her all too many times, and she is probably “damaged goods” emotionally from a guy’s perspective. However unfair it might sound to you, the majority of men still believe that the number of men you have been with still matters to how they perceive you in terms of being a serious relationship partner or a marriage material.

“I am very sexual and I am open to (x)”. It is great if you are open to various sexual adventures with your lover, but there is time and place for discussing these type of things. Bringing this up on a first date or even earlier, like some women do, hardly makes you sound like a quality woman to take seriously. Your sexuality is nobody’s business on a first date, and discussing it from any angle on a first date, kills any necessary mystery about you.

“Back in college I did…(girl on girl / threesome, etc…)” These make for good memories, but what is the purpose of disclosing this information on your first date? How does this flatter you in any way and how is it your date’s business?

Make your sexuality count by being an amazing sex partner with the right person at the right time; don’t kill the intrigue by discussing your past and make it sound like you might just have too much mileage for a serious emotional attachment.

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