What White (and Other) Men Can Learn from Black Guys In Order to Become More Attractive to Women

(Last Updated On: 07/16/2013)

There is a number of things that guys of all races can learn about attraction and confidence with women from African American men. No, I am not talking about learning from the black guys who live in the projects, or gang members. I am talking about a number of basic qualities that all men can observe and adopt from regular, working, middle class black men:

black guys are more attractive to women1. Black Men Keep Their Pick-Up Game Simple 

While a white guy will be standing and staring at a woman who he wants to meet and talk to forever, trying to figure out and over-analyze how to woo her when he comes up to her and what creative words to use to start a conversation, black guys don’t bother wasting time¬†on that. I have seen how they come to a girl, simply asking “Where are you headed?” or “What are you drinking?” Admittedly, there is not much sophistication in their approach, to say the least, but who said it needs¬† to be?¬†It’s the attempt and the boldness that’s need to make a move that’s impressive, which guys of other races can and should adopt.

2. Black Men Know How to Take Rejection

Black guys don’t take rejection too personally. Perhaps it’s because they expect to be¬†rejected by the majority of¬†women or for some other reason, but they don’t make a big deal out of being turned down by a girl who they are hitting on. A white guy might not want to approach another girl for a month after being rejected. A black guy, on the other hand, will be ready to go as soon as the new “prospect” is in his field of view. I have seen many times how a black guy who was rejected by one girl at a club, would simply turn around and try talking to the next one just a few seconds later.

3. Black Guys Are Less Dramatic

Black guys are less dramatic and less inclined to lose temper and to get into heated arguments with the women they date. This general non-dramatic attitude is a significant sign of greater masculinity that guys of other races can really look up to. The moment you start fighting with a girl, like a girl, you turn into one, which is incompatible with the basic notion of masculinity.

4. Black Guys are Not Afraid to Be Themselves when it Comes to Style and Fashion

A black guy is not going to change his wardrobe and style just because some mainstream magazine would suggest that he should change his attire¬†in order to be more attractive to women. He knows what he feel comfortable in, and he will stick to it, regardless of the temporary¬†changes¬†in fashion and style¬†that drive “white” culture.

5. Black Guys are Known for Being Superior Dancers

It’s a well known¬†fact that on average, black guys are much better¬†dancers than other guys. I refuse to believe that they have a genetic predisposition toward dancing, and I think that they are mostly better at dancing because they practice more and from an earlier age than guys of other races. Regardless, dancing is a skill that’s attractive to women. You may think that it only matters on a dance floor, but it also matters in bed. Women would attest that a guy who knows how to move on¬†a dance floor is both more attractive and is usually better in bed, or at least they expect him to be.

6. Black Men Have a More Masculine Body Language, Driving Style and Demeanor

Black guys generally move, walk and drive slower than other guys, which makes them look more confident and more in control. You will rarely see a black guy rush to get somewhere. Young white guys are easily stressed out by their jobs, which leads to road rage and pushy driving, but it will take much more than that to make a black driver drive faster than he otherwise would.

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