Two Facts About Men and Online Dating That Women Should Know

The video below proves two simple and irrefutable facts about men and about dating

1. Men will go to great lengths to have a shot at having sex with an attractive woman, however stupid or obnoxious she might sound. Yes, many of them don’t read the profiles and just look at the pictures, because they underestimate so grossly the importance of making their first e-mail relevant to what a woman says in her profile.

2. Any ridiculous profile is still better, more interesting and more intriguing than a boring, cliche profile that says what every other profiles say. Hence, the guys will much more likely reply to the profile that has been deliberately written to scare them, because it’s just so much more interesting, intriguing and entertaining than the same “I am positive, honest, independent, educated, I love outdoors, etc.” stuff that they read over and over in other profiles.

In the video below, the writer tried to make her sound in her OkCupid profile particularly unattractive, but she achieved the opposite result unbeknownst to her.  While some guys only looked at the pictures she posted, others most likely were impressed by her profile as sarcastic, funny and unique, and surely no one took her words about who mean and greedy she is literally.

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