The Truth About Being Prompt At Responding To Text Messages

prompt communication in datingRemember that time you contacted a bunch plumbers or accountants or event doctors becuase you needed their services? Did you really think of those few, who got back to you within an hour or two and were ready to help, as too needy and desperate? I doubt it. You must have thought of them as serious, motivated businesses who show early signs of being reliable and who probably run a tight ship.

Well, it’s not different in dating. Whether you met someone at a bar, a train, or online – if you respond promptly to their text messages and phone calls, it does not make you come across as too eager or despearate. It makes you come across as someone who is more serious than the average flake, who makes dating at least somewhat of a priority, and who is, again, motivated to at least try to make a romantic connection. Being prompt isn’t the same is being needy and desperate. The latter involves repeated attempts to contact someone such as frequent double texting, (premature) love bombing, unfounded jealousy, and being way too controlling with a new dating partner way too early on.

Don’t be afraid to respond to someone’s text message within an hour if you you are interested in them and you believe the feeling is mutual. If you otherwise like each other, it’s not going to hurt your interaction. Sending lame, pointless or rude messages, or texting way too much day after day is more likely to derail things between the two of you than simply texting back timely.

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