Female Dating Profile Reviewed

(Last Updated On: 08/07/2016)

A female reader requested to have her dating profile reviewed and provide my general thoughts on it. Here is the profile:

female dating profile
Here are my general observations:

This female dating profile is short and to the point, which I like. However, it has several serious issues:

  • It opens up with bragging, which is both cliche and not attractive. Instead of saying how smart and sassy you are, write something funny or witty. Share a thought or an observation or an opinion on anything. Don’t be afraid to be random. Write an interesting from one of your favorite books, and then say something about. Anything is better than bragging.
  • Hiring personal trainer – some guys will appreciate the effort you put into staying fit, while others will think that this girl is either way to self absorbed and high maintenance, or way too obsessed with health and fitness. In any event, this doesn’t need to be included in your profile. It’s no one’s business and you can always share it later with the right guy at the right time.
  • Ideal relationship – you are much better off hinting what you have to offer and what qualities you bring to the table, rather than announce what you want and expect, as the latter all too often suggests entitlement attitude, which is one of the more unattractive qualities anyone, especially a woman can have. Thus, any sentence that starts with “I need… ” is better left out.
  • The author of this profile is quite attractive, but all her photos are bathroom selfie cellphone type shots. Such pictures should never be posted on your profile. There is no reason why you can ask a friend to take a few decent, flattering pictures of you that say the right things about you.

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