Five Types of Guys To Avoid At All Costs (Guest Posting)

guys to avoid datingHow can you know when and where you are going to meet the love of your life? Many of us understand that nobody is perfect and are willing to give every guy a chance. And in spite of being taught not to judge a book by its cover, there are several exceptions to this rule – there are early signs that should clearly tell you to stay away from the guy as early as when you meet him or on ay  We meet some of them during our life, and it’s a rather frustrating experience. So, if you want a happy and harmonious relationships, keep your hands away from the following types of guys:

1. The Predictable Guy

Yes, he can be kind and look generous and well-mannered. But you’ll know in advance what he is going to talk about, because you have heard it so many times from so many guys before, and you are bound to be bored very soon with him.  And forget about romantic surprises – there’s no unpredictability in his routine world.  This kind of guy was my first trap I fell into without realizing it. I was single for about two months, and when I met him – let’s call him John – I didn’t hesitate to give it a chance. John was a Java programmer, played bass guitar in a local band, and was a real gentleman with good manners. We started going out. But very soon I got tired of eating in the same Italian restaurants, and I got sick of listening over and over about his plans to open an e-commerce business (which, I know for sure, after two years after still are just plans).

2.   The Stingy Guy

If he always offers to go Dutch when asking you out, if he never brings you flowers, takes you to the cheapest restaurants and always counts his money, this is it. A guy who counts pennies at the very first date will get even worse in the future. It will be both annoying and embarrassing to you in many social situation to be out with that guy. I had such an admirer for a short while. He invited me out on a date. However, I accidentally forgot my purse at home. When we entered an elegant cafe with handmade deserts, I checked my pockets and realized that I had only enough money for a single cup of coffee. I told Denis about it – and he said something like ‘oh, ok, then get some coffee’. And here I was – sitting hungry after a long day, and watching him eat cookies with hot chocolate. Imagine the humiliation. Till this day, I don’t know why I didn’t just walk out on him right then and there. Meanwhile, he was talking about his serious relationship plans. I had had enough. It goes without saying that it was our first and last date. 

3. The Guy Who is Too Sexually Aggressive

He may be showing that he loves you like he never loved anyone before, and he might look like he is completely in love with you very sooner after you met and started going out. Don’t let this overly romantic and affectionate behavior mislead you. He is likely to be a womanizer who wants to score and then move to his next target right after. He might say he wants you, but he just wants sex. Most likely he will disappear after one night or a couple of nights you spend together.  If that’s not what you are looking for, you better make it clear to him and to yourself as early as possible.

4. The A Guy Who Hates His Job

If he is too lazy to fix his own life and his job situation, don’t expect from him to be good at working on your any relationship issues you might have if you were to start dating him. I met Evans at the Kid Rock concert. He seemed like a lot of fun, and that was true. We were going out for a while, watching movies and local music concerts. Evans was 23. He played guitar in a local hardcore band and worked as a sales assistant at a shop. He told me that it’s a temporary job until his band becomes popular. I believed him in the beginning, but soon found out that the band rehearsals were just parties with a lot of vodka and pointless jamming. As far as I know, Evans is still in the same place as far as his band goes, even though it has been quite a few years since.

5. The Guy Who is Still in a Relationship

He can tell you many stories about waiting for the right moment to break up, or about his plans to get a divorce as soon as possible.  However, often guys don’t follow through with those promises, trying to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak.  It’s possible that all he wants is to have you as a casual lover on a side, while he continues to live with his permanent girlfriend or a wife.  Some of the things that guys like that say should be red flags to you are: “Yeah, I am married, but I’m in the process of filing for a divorce”, “My girlfriend doesn’t love me or admire me, so I’m going to break up with her as soon as I find my soul-mate”. That sounds sweet and promising, but don’t take it at face value. If you like him but he is not completely done with whatever relationship he has been till now, leave him your number and tell him to call you when whatever he has going on now is completely over. By Melisa Marzett.

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  1. That’s not a problem. This is one of the purposes of this site. I often say that inconsistency on the part of the potential partner is a blessing – it’s an early red flag and a sign to stay away, helping you save many more hours and days of aggravation and disappointment from the same person.

  2. The thing is I have talked to him via webcam at his home and he’s given me his address and phone number So I don’t believe he’s married but one can never really know until you go to their house and that wont happen………. unless the ‘wife’ if he has one; is out! I’ve given up on him now anyway I sometimes think he’s a pathological liar as he said he sent me a Xmas card and I never got it; (I asked what address he had for me; I just sent him my new one; and he said he’d lost it. ) So I now await the card he said he’s supposedly sent me for Valentines day. He obviously found my address again!! He’s just so damn inconsistent at times! Anyway sorry this is my issue not yours! I got carried away and needed a moan! LOL

  3. This could also be because the guy is in a relationship or even married. A woman shouldn’t exchange more than 4-5 messages online before speaking on the phone in the absence of some compelling reason, such as the guy is really away (on vacation or for work) and calling is hard.
    Guys have been told that being ambitious and having goals is attractive to women. Of course, some take it to the extreme, not realizing that being too ambitious, and not having time for anything except work is equally or even more unattractive.

  4. I think also workacholics should probably also be avoided also they never have time for anything or anyone else!! I know as I’ve been online chatting to one for ten years now (we have met a few times also) and he always says he wants to meet but something work related comes up and he doesn’t make any further date or ignores the one we had talked about but not yet set in stone.
    He also disappears for a couple weeks without any connection apparently; so he can’t Text Skype or Phone Oh yeh really?? I find this all very strange and to be honest upsetting as he calls me gorgeous intelligent; witty; lovely to chat too etc etc But all to what end?? Hes a time waster. Sorry for that blow out LOL

  5. And a legitimate excuse too. Few, if any women, want to be with a guy who is miserable and who spends a lot of time complaining directly or indirectly about his life, mean boss, and pointless job.

  6. Well then, it sounds like being unhappy on the job is just one more convenient excuse for women not giving a guy the time of day.

    This is just adding to the hopelessness…

  7. How you spend 8 or more hours of your day and whether it makes you happy or unhappy definitely affects your personality and how you come across to women.

  8. I had jobs early n my career that I couldn't stand. I don't see the connection between hating one's job and the description of guy #4. It sounds to me that he prefers being in drunken jam sessions.

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