One Lame Question You Should Never Ask A Girl You Are Interested In

facebook add request This posting has been inspired by something that I noticed guys often do at the end of their conversation with a girl they just met in a social situation and they are interested in seeing again.  Hearing this question really annoys me personally, and I am not 100% sure why, but here it is: “Are you on Facebook?” This question reeks of weakness and lack of basic confidence and it has all the same problems as asking a girl to “hang out” would.

I always want to ask the guys who ask a girl for her Facebook info: “You have done the hard work – striking up a conversation with her, having that conversation and establishing some kind of connection. So, why would you spoil it by downgrading what you have done and asking to be added as her Facebook “friend”. Is that what you really want – become one of her 1500 Facebook friends? If not, why not ask for her telephone number? No, it’s not too forward and it’s not too invasive to ask for a phone number, if you have already had a nice conversation with her in person. In a way, snooping through someone Facebook and giving them access to your page is actually more invasive.

So, do yourself and any woman who you start talking to a favor and ask her for her telephone number and not for any type of social media info. If you are in your teens, this might be somehow understandable but if you are in college or even high school or older, there is simply no reason for you to finish your initial conversation with a woman by trying to add her on Facebook or even worse – follow her or comment on her pictures on Instagram.

And, I would love to one day witness the following conversation:

He: Are you on Facebook? 

She: Why? 

He: I would like to add you. 

She: Why? 

He: So, we can talk and hopefully meet again. 

She: So, why don’t you ask me for my phone number? 


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