Why Women Like to Dance to Hip Hop

why women love dancing to hip hopHave you noticed how women always say how much they dislike hip hop lyrics and the whole culture, finding it to be disrespectful, degrading and objectifying to women with all the “sex, drugs, and b-tches” talk that practically all the songs revolve around? And yet, at the same time, these same girls¬†love to dance to hip hop and many prefer dancing to hip hop music at a club much more than to any other kind of music. Many women also take hip hop dancing classes in studios and gyms. Surely, the very danceable hip hop beat has a lot to do with its popluarity among so many women, but is there more to this paradox?

After discussing this with nearly fifteen women on and off the dance floor and making them take a few moments to analyze how they feel about hip hop music and lyrics, I came to the following conclusion: many women want and even fantisizeabout being sexually objectified and being treated like a piece of meat, but only by the guy they really like and want to be with. Few things are more flattering to a woman than turning on the guy she likes with her appearance by dancing provocatively in front of him or with him. “I wanna lick you from your head to your toes” is disgusting and offensive¬†when it comes from a drunk guy at a club/bar or anyone else who¬†the girl¬†doesn’t care for. But, if it comes from some she likes or already has feelings for, it will make her very happy, unless of course she is uptight or an extreme feminist or both.

Even if a girl doesn’t have anyone in her life that she likes that much, dancing to hip hop will allow her to imagine that she has a partner to whom she¬†would like¬†to submit,¬†expressing her feminine and sexual energy that way.

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