How to Attract Women By Being Unpredictable Sexually

how to attract women by being unpredictableBeing cliche and predictable is unattractive in just about every aspect of dating and romance. This applies to writing cliche, generic online dating profiles as much as it does to acting on a first date or later, or in bed, like you are following some kind of predictable and well known script. And the more experienced the woman you are dealing with, and the more men she met and dated, the more annoying that kind of behavior will be and the more likely she will be turned off by that kind of behavior altogether.

One of the greatest things you can do to spice up your sex life with the woman you are dating – whether it’s someone you just started seeing or someone you have been dating for a while is not following the same old routine when it comes to having sex and being intimate and break the “normal” sequence of events when you are together by being a little more unpredictable. Here are just a few examples of how you can amplify intimacy and physical attraction in several different situations:

Suppose you are walking in the part on your first date or one of the first dates, if you feel that the moment might be right to go for it and kiss her, you don’t have to wait till you finish your walk or till you find a place to sit or till you walk her to her car or her house. If you feel that she likes you, you might want to stop her as you are walking, look her in the eye briefly and say “I think I forgot to do something”. She will then wonder – “What did you forget?” You will then come up to her slowly and confidently, hold her and start kissing her. This might be much more exciting to both of you than following a well known “script” of events that both you and she has been through before.

The same applies to sex. Whether it’s your first time with a new partner or whether you have been having sex for a while, if you are having dinner at her place or if she is over at your place, you don’t have to wait till the dinner is over. One very romantic and exciting thing you can do, is stopping to eat, coming up to her and seducing her while you are still at the table. You might want to bend down on your knees while by her chair, or you might want to lift her and take her to the bedroom or elsewhere at the house, but this again will break the predictable routine of finishing up dinner and then moving from one thing to anther and can make the whole experience much more exciting and interesting.

Think of other creative ways to show affection to your lover at less predictable times and places, and this might just spice up your life love in new and unexpected ways that you might have not thought were possible.

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