Why Being Loud in Bed Makes You More Attractive to Him

woman-passionate-loud-in-bedIt’s not a secret that we, men, have big egos. We like attention. Especially from women. And we love to be liked. Few things make us feel better about ourselves than knowing that we rocked a girl’s world in bed. That’s why this joke never made sense to me: “Why do women fake orgasms? – Because they think that men care.” Men actually do care. Having sex with a girl who is loud and who screams her lungs out from pleasure and ecstasy is waaay more fun than dealing with someone who is just laying there like a corpse. In fact, the latter is hardly any fun at all, even if the girl is really hot. This reminds me of a distant but vivid bad memory of having a girl sigh during sex, as if she was bored. This made me want to finish “business” with her asap and never see her again.

If you feel it – if you are enjoying sex so much that you feel like moaning and screaming, then go for it proudly and without reservation. Be as loud in bed as you want. Your guy will love it, and you too will probably enjoy not holding back and expressing yourself very much. We, men, don’t like when women just lay there like they are not feeling anything, and in fact that alone can be a deal breaker that would discourage many guys from having sex with that girl again.

Don’t be embarrassed of your partner. There is nothing to be embarrassed of. If anything is embarrassing, it’s not enjoying sex all that much, or not even being able to relate to other women who are loud during sex. Be grateful that you are able to enjoy sex so much and express it openly. And if you have any “logistical” obstacles that prevent you from screaming during sex as loudly as you want, such as sensitive neighbors, etc…, change your logistics and make sure that you don’t allow anything to downgrade the intensity of your experience.

Passionate women, who don’t allow their work, school and other pressures interfere with their ability to lose themselves during sex with the right guy who they have a connection with, aren’t all that common these days. If you are lucky enough to be one of those women, then celebrate it by showing to the guy you are with how much you enjoy him. If he liked you before, he will like you even more when he discovers this side of you. And if he is already in love with you, this will take his feelings for you to a whole new level.

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