How to Avoid Writing a Cliche, Boring Dating Profile

An online dating profile doesn’t have to be long and very detailed to be interesting or even captivating.  Here is an example of discrete parts of women’s actual dating profiles from a major, free dating site:

The first profile is not necessarily terrible, but it is so boring and cliche, because every other profile pretty much says what this one says:

I am an easy going person who doesn’t take life too seriously. I believe in the work/life balance and don’t want my work to define the person that I am. I love experiencing new things and will try almost anything once.Traveling is my passion and I just returned from a trip to Sri Lanka, Maldives, India, Nepal and Costa Rica. I volunteered for Habit for Humanity in Sri Lanka helping build homes for families in need. I love giving back in anyway I can and feel very fortunate to have the life I do.” 

Here is a much better profile, because it’s actually unique and interesting:

I dream in color, I have a penchant for the absurd, and as a New Yawka I keep it real. I’m part mermaid and happiest in water, whether I’m swimming, scuba diving, soaking in hot springs or taking a long shower. My nature is generous, sensitive, sometimes sassy but always sweet. You should message me if You want to old school romantic court me and make me feel like a girl. You’re doing what you want to do when you grow up. You want to leave the world a better place.”  

If you would like to turn your online dating profile in a more interesting and attractive piece, there is no better way to do that than to learn from actual examples of great profiles written by women, included in our publication “Powerful Online Dating Profiles”.

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8 years ago

I did a little experiment with the male dating profile recently. My original profile is of a good looking young man, average build, student and part-time worker with a list of hobbies etc. I then created a profile using pictures I got from Facebook of another good looking young male with dark features,loads of tattoo’s, a six pack and about to take over a carpentry business….

To respect this persons confidentiality, to some degree anyway, I chose someone outside of my country and I then began seeking the girls that I was originally seeking. Within one hour I had already obtained 3 phone numbers of young attractive girls who I had failed to retrieve with my own profile. This required no more than 2 or 3 msg’s. I am guessing that more will respond as it’s only early hours. One or two girls however who responded to my original profile did not respond to this new one, I’m thinking they must just not like that bad boy image or something.

This exercise demonstrated so far, that young attractive women are in fact seeking men with a highly desirable physique and most likely a high paying job or business. I know this is not surprising as guys also seek this profile of women, but it was a bit of a reality shock of how I need to work out more and be more financially successful…. ??