How to Handle a Guy’s Erection Issues

couple kissing erectionHow do you handle a situation when the guy you have been dating and started liking very much, cannot get an erection when he is trying to have sex with you for the first time?

Chances are that the reason he has erection issues either because he is very inexperienced sexually or even a virgin. Or, he might like you so much and think that you are so special that he is paralyzed from the waste down, so to speak, by his fear of screwing up and not delivering the best sex you have ever had, and that pressure affects his ability to perform.

The Wrong Way to Handle His Erection Issues

The worst thing you can do in bed when he can’t get a hard on is to make a big deal out of it, start asking him if he is ok with great concern on your face and in your voice, ask him if this has ever happened to him before as if it was a sign of some kind of terminal illness, and to tell him that you have never seen a guy struggle with getting an erection before. This will only put more pressure on the guy by making it clear to him how disappointed you are. In turn this kind of reaction from you will make him more nervous and less likely to be able to “rise” to the occasion and perform.

The Right and Effective Way to Handle His Erection Issues

The best and the most effective thing you can do, when the guy you are in bed with has a problem getting it up, is to tell the guy you are in bed with that it doesn’t matter to you if you end up having sex, and that you just enjoy being with him and laying next to him regardless of what happens. I can attest from personal experience how helpful that kind of attitude is. When the girl told this to me at the time when I was unable to get an erection due to being extremely nervous during my first time, all of my issues quickly disappeared. When she assured me that it wasn’t a big deal to her whether we ended up having sex or not, I no longer felt that dreadful pressure to perform right then and there, and I got hard very soon after. This strategy is almost guaranteed to work on any guy unless he has actual health issues that affect his ability to get an erection.

If the guy you are trying to have sex with is nervous and has a hard time performing, tell him that you don’t care, and switch the subject to something else while line in bed. Sometimes, role playing and particularly  – trying to subtly dominate him in a playful and fun way can do the trick. Sit in front of him, make him watch you, pull aside your g-string, start gently playing with yourself, look at him with an arrogant smirk and tell him with a provocative voice: “I know you want it, and you are dying to have it.”  This is just one idea. I will let you and your imagination come up with others.

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