Never Stop Being a “Real Man”

submissive-womanYou are a real man. Never forget that. And don’t let a few bad dating experiences with uptight, ultra-feminist women, who can’t take a joke and who believe that women’s penis is as big as men’s is change your behavior and make you less interesting when meeting women in the future.

No matter where you live, the best women –  the warmest and the most feminine women – are still out there and they appreciate a real man as much as ever before. It is also harder for them to find those real men than ever before, especially in big cities where traditional masculinity has been diluted with excessive metrosexuality in its various manifestations, including being a foodies, caring about style and fashion a little too much and being too gentle in other ways.

She won’t wait for you to call or text her. She will pick up the phone and will find you when she wants to talk to you.

You won’t need to ask her whether she wants to go somewhere or do something. You will invite her and she will be happy to go with you because she just wants to be with you.

She will moan from pleasure when you pull her hair in a heat of passion, and she will happily fall on her knees when you drop your pants, because pleasing you can make her climax. She is submissive and you love it. This flatters you and makes you respect her more; not less.

She will tell you that she loves you or that she misses you without the fear of coming across as needy and desperate. She doesn’t care about all that crap. She is able to rise above all the misguided dating advice from the media about playing hard to get, acting unavailable and disinterested, etc. She is not ashamed but proud of how she feels about you, and you should take it as a compliment.

She is also the kind of woman resents passive men who don’t dare to take charge and say what they think, so don’t be one of them. Don’t be afraid to be a man with that kind of great woman. She wants you to be and she will appreciate it, because she is tired of the other kind. She wants you tease her verbally and physically, and she is dying for you to pin her to the wall, whether she is facing you or the other way.

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