An Essential Step To Make Bumble Work Better For You

tips for using bumble appThe other day I glanced at a friend’s Bumble inbox. Every girl messaged him the same thing – “Are you originally from the bay area?” At first, this looked really lame and unoriginal to me, but then I thought  – how can I blame the girls for sending these types of message, and how can I expect them to say anything meaningful? After all my friend didn’t give them anything interesting to work with and respond to, except a few average photos of himself on his Bumble page?

If the dating app you are using provides any space for you to write a few sentences about yourself (and most do), then be sure to take advantage of it.  You don’t have to write where you grew up or went to school. You don’t even have to write what and who you are looking for. Instead, share a few interesting or funny / sarcastic thoughts or ideas. Don’t be afraid to be random.  There is nothing wrong with that. Writing something interesting does two things: (a) it makes you come across as someone who is more than a picture and who stands out from 99% of the other uses; and (b) it makes it so much easier for someone who sees your page to write to you something meaningful as well, as now they don’t have to just think of something random and stupid to say, such as “hi” or “how is your week going” but they can actually respond to what you said on your page in a way that would make then also look more interesting to you and would encourage you to continue your conversation.

Here is one funny male Bumble profile I have recently seen:

“I always dreamed of meeting a person of my dreams by swiping pictures left and right. It sounds so romantic and so much more exciting than locking eyes with an attractive stranger somewhere out there and making a move.”  

Super sarcastic, I know. But… it will definitely capture the attention of the right female reader who is on the same wave length, and that’s what you should be looking for. I can imagine that any girl , who feels what this guy feels, can easily break the ice by saying “I know… how did we get here and is romance really dead in your opinion? Or.. is there hope?” or something along those lines.

Here is one female Bumble I saw and really liked:

“I am not stuck or or high maintenance. I don’t expect fancy dinners although I don’t mind walks on the beach. I am just a normal girl who wants to meet a normal guy. Tell me about the last book you read and why you loved it or hated it.”   

– If you are a guy who read this, how easy it would be for you to write something decent in response, i.e. “I like your directness. It surely is in scarcity these days. I just finish “name of the a book”. I really liked it because…  So, what are you reading now?”

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