Six Reasons Calling Her Instead of Texting Is the Right Way To Go

calling her instead of textingAlthough men call the women they are interested in less and less and use texting as pretty much exclusive means of communication, I urge you to seriously consider calling the women you meet and who you are interested in, despite the fact that calling has becoming so uncommon.  Here are six reasons why:

  • (1) Calling will really make you stand out from all the other guys from the get go.  As mentioned above, almost no guy calls women to talk anymore, let alone set up a date. Both old and young people much prefer to text these days. Of course, it’s easier and quicker, but it’s also so transcational. When you call the girl you met instead of texting, you instantly separate yourself from the vast majority of other guys. And if you belong to the generation of millennials or younger, you will then separate yourself from probably all the other guys, when you actually pick up the phone to talk and to ask her out in a real conversation. In this day and age of Match, OkCupid, Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, Facebook, etc. – separating yourself from hundreds of other guys that are trying to talk to the same woman is more important than ever before in order to get her attention and to send a clear message that you are in the league of your own as a more confident, interesting and romantic guy. Women don’t really expect guys to call anymore, but many wish that men did, especially the ones who crave love, romance and chemistry in their life and who want to experience the type of connection that they maybe saw in their favorite movie or a book.
  • (2) Calling is fun. I know I know – you are afraid that calling a total stranger will be super awkward. You will have nothing to talk about or you will be hit with uncomfortable silence. Don’t worry about it so much. Treat it as a fun exercise. Try to make a conversation with a woman. It’s a fun challenge that’s likely to be quite rewarding if you hit it off and end up really enjoying talking to each other. Hearing a feminine voice on the other end of the line, and enjoying the inflection and the intonation in each other’s voice is the essence of flirting that you should enjoy it instead of skipping it, like most other people do. When you call her, you don’t have to say anything special. You can start your conversation with something as simple as “what are you doing now?” or “how are you making this evening special?” and just go from there.
  • (3) Calling her doesn’t mean you have to give up texting. Just because you call and try to have a live conversation with a woman you met doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up with texting. These are not mutual exclusive and they can easily compliment each other.
  • (4) Calling doesn’t require much extra effort. Calling the woman you met doesn’t cost anything, and contrary to what some might think – it doesn’t require a huge time commitment. You don’t have to hang on the phone for an hour the first time you call her. But even a 10-15 minute conversation is going to be so much more compelling. Also, calling can actually save you time (see #6 below why). While so many movies and magazine articles talk about all kinds of fancy ideas of wooing a woman, calling is such as simple thing you can do to impress the woman you like in all the right ways without breaking a bank.
  • (5) Calling her will help you in other aspects of your life. Overcoming the fear of calling someone you don’t know and making a conversation is an important skill to develop. As with most other things, you will get better at this with practice. If you dread calling a woman today, force yourself to engage in this challenge a few times just for the sake of overcoming it, and before you know it you will start enjoying it. Developing this skill will help you overcome a similar fear associated with having to speak in other relatively uncomfortable situations, such as presentations in front of a large group of people, negotiating, asking for a raise at work, etc.
  • (6) Calling allows you to determine whether you have chemistry. So many people waste so much time on countless boring dates because they never talk on the phone before meeting. They expect to determine whether they like each other by meeting in person right away and try to make a conversation, which most of the time turns into an awkward, unstimulating encounter. Talking on the phone will help you avoid this. If you enjoy talking to each other on the phone, then you will be really looking forward to meeting each other in person. Then, when you meet – you will not need to worry about any kind of awkwardness. You are not really total strangers anymore. And, if you didn’t enjoy talking to each other on the phone, and that conversation didn’t leave you with the desire to see each other, then there is simply no reason to meet.

There are many other reasons as to why calling instead of texting the woman you just met and would like to ask out on a date is the right way to go, but the six reasons above should be plenty for you to make that call women more often than others do. And if a woman you met says that she never ever has any time to speak on the phone, then she might just not have enough time and space in her life for dating you or dating in general. This begs the question whether you should continue pursuing her at all. And the good news is that the right woman is going to notice and appreciate your gesture of calling, and it’s not going to go unnoticed, especially because it’s so rare.

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