Make Others’ Lack of Originality Work to Your Advantage

how not to be unoriginal in datingMore and more people complain about the lack of originality that the opposite sex seems to be suffering from these days when it comes to dating Рfrom flirting to first dates, and of course Рthe online dating world. Generic profiles, standard, overused pick-up lines and job-interview-like questions on a date are some of the signs of lack of originality that can be such a turn-off.

However, this lack of originality can be good news for you, as it gives you the opportunity and a relatively easy way to come across as more original, and as a result Рa more interesting and more attractive person.  Here are just three easy, practical, and effective ways in which you can come across as more original and more interesting on a date or when you meet someone new, than the vast majority of people out there:

1. Lose the “What do you do?” question.

There is absolutely no reason to ask the person you just met or you are going out with on a first date about what they do for a living as soon as you meet them. This question can wait till at least later in a conversation or even the next time you see each other. This doesn’t mean that you are not interested in the other person’s life or occupation. There are simply so many more things that you can you ask and talk about that are so much more interesting and conducive to developing a more personal, “warmer” conversation. Besides, chances are that the other person is going to bring up their work anyway, so you might not even need to ask what they do for a living in order for you to find out what their occupation is. If you stop asking this cliche “What do you do?” question when you meet someone new, that alone is going to differentiate you from over 90% of other people, or at least other people in the US. Almost everyone expects to be¬†asked about what they do right away by every new person they meet. When you break that cycle, it will be as refreshing to them as it is to you, because it will force you to take your conversation in a different direction from what so many people seem to be used to.

2. Abolish bragging about how wonderful you are both in person and in your online dating profile.

Check out a few dating profiles. They all have something in common Рthey look like aggressive sales and marketing pages. Just look at the top two cliche dating profiles here.  My experience suggests that the best products out there do not need to announce to the world too loudly about how good they are. They make it a point to make their existence known, intrigue you with something about them and then let you be judge of how good they are by learning more about them. The same applies to people and online dating. A few interesting/witty lines in your dating profile, reflecting your observations about the world or the things you notice around, will likely be so much more interesting and flattering to you than talking about how accomplished, ambitious, honest, and compassionate you are.

3. Stop limiting your interaction with the people  you are interested in to texting and Facebook only.

I know, I know – we are all busy, and texting/Facebook seems to be so efficient. It allows us to forego the endless phone tag that we have come to dread, and it just gets us to where we need to be in a conversation right away. We also don’t like or don’t have time to hang on the phone for hours and talk about nothing, especially if we have a few close friends or relatives that force us into that periodically.

However, if you commit to hearing the voice of the person you are interested¬†in on the phone and make it a part of your communication, it will surely add an important romantic flavor to your interaction, especially if you enjoy hearing each other’s voice, and if you find each other’s company to be¬†stimulating and entertaining. Your conversations don’t have to be long or very frequent. Even a 3 minute phone call once a week is so much better than only texting. Any guy who calls a woman today to ask her out or simply talk to her briefly, instead of texting, will likely stand out as one of the few who haven’t yet forgotten the art of talking and enjoying the voice he hears on the other side of the line. This will be an attractive quality to any woman who hasn’t lost faith in romance and in those little things that make her interactions with men more interesting and intriguing.

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