Dating Profile – Your Are As Attractive As Your Worst Picture

(Last Updated On: 08/10/2015)

match-online-datingOne of the very easy and simple things you can do in order to make your online dating profile more attractive is to make sure that you do not post those pictures of you that are not flattering to you. This is important for both men and women, and it is especially important for men’s profiles. As a guy, you cannot go wrong with a clean-cut, “normal” office photo. Some people thing that posting office photos is a bad because because they are boring, but that’s not true. As long as you don’t look bored or depressed or like you hate being in your office, that kind of photo is perfectly appropriate for your dating profile.

All too often men screw up their profile by posting 3-4 good photos and then one photo that ruins everything. That bad dating profile photo could be a bathroom shot in front of a mirror while being shirtless, or being obviously drunk at a club while wearing a cheesy outfit and standing with your drunk friends, etc.  It’s lame enough when younger guys do that, let alone when a guy in hid mid 30’s or older posts photos like that, which is completely unacceptable and ridiculous. Remember, the older you are the higher expectations are from you because you are expected to know better.

Sometimes removing one bad photo can make a difference between getting no responses from women to having 30% or higher “rate of return” when writing messages online, which, as every guy knows, is a pretty high return, considering the known fact that attractive women are inundated with tons of messages from guys every day.

The same applies to women. You cannot go wrong with simple, elegant shots that don’t have much going on in them. Remember – you want the the attention and the focus of the viewer to be on you; not on the Egyptian pyramids or Grand Canyon in your background. Standing next to an exposed brick wall while wearing flattering jeans and tank top will make you look much more attractive and elegant, than a picture of you hiking in a jungle. Keep your discovery channel photos for those guys who you get to know and who you really want to share memories of your travel adventures.

Club photos with duck lips side by side with your slutty looking girlfriends will also bring all the wrong kind of attention from men to your dating profile. Don’t expect guys to appreciate you for who you are on the inside if your photos are borderline soft porn. Don’t expect anything other than offensive, degrading sexual remarks, if even one of your photos includes a close up to your cleavage or you posing with your back toward the camera while trying to stick out your behind as if you were twerking at a dance club.

Some of the problems with dating profile photos are less obvious than the one mentioned above. One of the thing we do as part of our dating profile review service is identifying those photos that hurt your profile, removing them and/or replacing them with a more flattering photos to make sure you put your best foot forward on Match, OkCupid, JDate, etc.

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