Online Dating – How to Filter Out Flakes Early On

Lately, I have been hearing the same complaint from quite a few men and women about their online dating experience. They say they get to connect with a lot of people on Match, OkCupid, Tinder, etc… Yet many or even most of the people they meet seem to not be serious about finding someone to date, let alone develop a serious relationship. They seem to be on a dating site because they are bored, lonely or just need a bit of attention from the opposite sex to feel better about themselves, and they use these dating sites as if it was another Facebook or Instagram. They send a few brief, unenthusiastic messages and disappear or the otherwise flake. In the video below, I talk about one reliable (even if not 100%) sign of how serious the person you met online is about meeting up, dating and finding someone special online. You are welcome to share your comments or other tips on the ways to filter out flakes online (or off line) that you found to be useful in your own experience.


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