Real Men Are Not Afraid To Show They Are Interested

real men in love datingWe often hear women say what a “real” man would do in a certain situation, especially when the complain about some other guy acting more weak and more passive than he should when it comes to dating.

Being a real man could mean a lot of different things in different situations to different women. However, when it comes to meeting and attracting women, being a real man today means being able to step over and above (1) your ego, and (2) the fad that suggests that acting aloof, busy and unavailable makes your more attractive. This day and age, everyone is well familiar with the playing hard to get games, and it won’t get you very far. Being a real man means having the courage to show to a girl that you like her without regard for any kind of “rules” that would discourage you from doing that so as not to risk coming across as needy and desperate.

The trick is showing that you are interested the right way.

How do you do that?

The big picture idea is showing that you want her without (1) begging her for attention; and (2) annoying her. You can accomplish this by following a few simple rules:

1. Real Men Ask Women Out By Calling and Not By Sending Weak, Meaningless Text Messages

This day and age, when no guy calls a girl when asking her out, making that call will make you stand out from the rest in all the right ways to the right girls. You are putting more effort than other guys. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it might just be quicker than sending countless messages back and forth trying to figure out when and where to meet. Not every girl will appreciate, but many, especially the ones who haven’t lost faith in romance, certainly will and they will likely compliment you on that.

2. Real Men Touch A Woman When The Time and Place Is Right

Sit closer to her if it looks like she wants you to, whether you are sitting on a bench at a park or having coffee at your local cafe. Show your physical interest in her subtly but clearly, if in fact you are interested. Unless she is some kind of ultra feminist or frigid or is not attracted to you, she will be flattered.Stroke her shoulder or hair gently while you are talking to her once the degree of comfort is established. Don’t make a big deal out of it and make it a natural part of your interaction if you feel that there is chemistry and attraction.

It’s of course important to not touch a girl too early, so that you don’t appear that you are only interested in one thing, unless of course that’s the case. You need to form some kind intellectual connection and chemistry with her first, before you get close to the girl. You would only want to touch her, however gently and casually, once it’s clear to you that you she likes your personality and she wants to be touched.

3. When A Real Man Is Not Sure Whether The Girl Is Interested – He Makes One Move Forward to Find Out

A very common and frustrating issue today for both men and women is that when both sides are not sure whether the other person is interested, they decide to step back, play it cool, and see how the other person will react.  If you are waiting for that girl you exchanged a few messages on an online dating site or went out on a few dates to pursue you and tell you that she wants to see you again, don’t forget that you are the man in that interaction. It’s your job as a guy to put your pride and ego on the line, if, in fact, you are interested, and continue to talk to her and ask her out.

One of most important ways in which women test men is trying to find out whether the guy is (1) truly interested in her; and (2) whether he wants more than just sex. If the girl is looking for a serious partner, and she has been burnt a few times by guys who disappeared on her after a few dates, now she really wants to make sure that the next guy is focused on her and how is pursuing her, rather than sending “wanna hang out” text messages to half a dozen girls he met on Tinder. In her mind, a guy who is really interested in her after going out with her once or twice will be going after her and will put enough effort to talk to her and see her again.

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  1. Yet, all one ever hears is that women want guys to approach and show interest. But, in my experience I have seen precious few of the so-called “fair-sex” give any encouragement to approach. Allegedly, if a lady is interested, she will give off supposedly subtle hints of her interest that a guy (a) either knows instinctively or (b) will have to go on a scavenger hunt to find those signs. This looks like another example that if a guy cannot read a woman’s “signals” or read her mind, she gets mad…no matter what. Here’s a novel concept: is a little friendly encouragement too much to ask???

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