Is Being Overdressed a Good Idea When Going Out?

overdressed girlIn an attempt to look and feel the best that they can, many single women naturally invest a lot of thought, time, and money into their clothing, make up and other accessories. However, like in just about everything else, going too far when it comes to the way you look and being overdressed will hurt you more than help when it comes to attracting and meeting quality single guys.  Like I mentioned in my article on what it means being a classy woman, one hallmark of being a classy woman is subtlety. This means being subtle and not being too much or  trying too hard when it comes to your speech, manners, voice, and, of course, your appearance. Think about how unattractive you find those guys who are not “subtle,” i.e. – the ones who try too hard to impress in all the wrong ways –  From popped collars, too much hair gel and jewelery to telling you all about their accomplishments.

A woman who tries too hard also creates a negative impression in the eyes of a guy who is looking to meet a woman of substance. A “decked-out” woman who is clearly overdressed, and who looks like she is going to a Ms. Universe contest, also known as being “over the top,” will either be intimidating to most men or will come across as high-maintenance even if she is not. Of course you could say, and in many cases rightfully so, that if a guy is intimidated by a woman who is put together very well, it’s his fault and it comes from his insecurities. However, I met some very confident guys who still had a problem approaching a woman who was dressed like she is about to walk on a runway.

There is an outfit for each occasion. If you are going to a black and white ball or a wedding, this is not an issue. But if you are going to a bar/club/restaurant or anywhere else, looking nice and sharp without being flashy or too provocative will take you a long way toward having the attention of those men who you likely want to meet.

Every time I got to a brand new bar or a club and I see all the attractive women in the room who are dressed and who have as much make up as high priced escorts, I can’t help but wonder – what are they thinking and what exactly are they trying to accomplish?  – Don’t forget that there is a big difference between looking sexy and looking trashy. The first comes with elegance and leaves space for a guy’s imagination, while the latter makes the guys assume the worst about you and not take you seriously before they even had a chance to meet you.

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  1. Sexy silhouette. Got it!

  2. Finally I come across an article that makes sense. Clear, concise and to the point. Ladies, read this over and over. Let it sink in and force yourself to change your trashy ways. I am 21 years old and met my fiance about a year ago. He is an extremely classy man. Not because of ridiculously good looks, or the tall dark and handsome persona. He is classy because he is subtle, confident and well spoken. And when he met me he realized that I was too. Despite the fact that I am you, he is 37, I dont dress so as to provoke men. Im conservative and attractive. When you dress, your goal is a sexy silhouette. Not cleavage and belly button. You wont believe the horror stories I’ve heard of how much men laugh at and talk about the women they have slept with and how easy they attained what they wanted. It makes me sad to think of these girls that go out with their other girlfriend groups and hang out making fools of themselves, drinking and using loud speech to get mens attention. They look ridiculous. Like a group of desperate hens.

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