Can You Undo The Damage Caused Arguing Over Texts With A Girl

long boring texts to a womanA Reddit user asks: I matched with this hot girl on Hinge and we were having a good conversation. That’s until she brought up politics, and we kind of had an argument being on different sides of the issue. She was like let’s agree to disagree, but instead of taking the hint and changing the topic, my stupid ass kept talking about it further and sending long texts. Instead of getting a reply to my long texts, I just got a few laughing emojis and now she has stopped replying. Is it over for me or is there still a chance to reignite this conversation? It’s been 2 days since she replied. Fuck politics btw.  

PracticalDating.Net Answers: 

This is a common issue these days, except usually it’s the guy who suggests to agree to disagree, while a girl would take a more inflexible approach. In the vast majority of cases, this type of situation is impossible to undo if it happened early on in your interaction, and especially before you met in person, just like any other disagreement or friction during your first chats.  Your best chance of fixing this, however, is doing the following: giving it a few days to cool off. Then, picking up the phone and calling her and saying something like “I am sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking arguing this stupid thing that doesn’t really affect us directly… I would like for us to continue getting to know each other” or something along those lines. If she refuses to talk to you, or if she talks to you but doesn’t agree to get over it, then you know that you have tried, and you can safely move on. This is of course with the caveat that your own political views that you argued for aren’t so important to you that you honestly can’t put it aside.  
Above all, this experience should serve as a valuable lesson and reminder – arguing your point and trying to convince someone that you are right and they are wrong over long texts rarely leads any place good in that interaction, and the end result, is more often than not, is being unmatched, ignored, or blocked. 
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