A Female Shares Part of Her Great OkCupid Profile

All the great online dating profiles share similar qualities – they are interesting, compelling, eloquent, entertaining and are definitely not cliché – they don’t say the same thing that every other profile says. A good profile is long enough to make it clear that the writer is, if nothing else, an interesting person, and at the same time it’s short enough to read without wanting to skip any of it. Here is a part of another classic example of such a profile:

“Dear you,
So this is what I think we should do: spend all morning in bed, dance in the kitchen to a silly forgotten song while cooking a delicious feast, make googly eyes at each other across the room, bring each other presents and found objects, try to hold each other up in the lake or the ocean while we smooch, read books together with only our elbows touching or your head on my lap, watch the sunset from the top of many mountains, talk all night about nothing and everything, wake up early and hike through the redwoods, meditate under the trees, hold hands in the movie theater and make out in a tent under the stars. Let’s go on road trips and plane trips and backpacking trips and day trips. Let’s drive up the Oregon coast. Let’s stay home, order in and watch our show. I can’t wait but I will. I’ll wait as long as it takes because I know it’ll be worth every minute.
Love, Me.”

The first and most obvious part that’s different and unique about this profile is that it’s written in a form of a romantic letter, addressed to the reader. This idea is as original as it is simple. Secondly, the writer talks about the simple, yet wonderful romantic things that a couple of loves can do together, which suggests that she is not overly jaded and hasn’t lost faith in having real romance in her life. Lastly, and most notably – unlike so many other people, she doesn’t boast about how wonderful, smart and successful she is, and instead focuses on things other than herself and talks about what she could potentially bring to the reader’s life.

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