Is There Such Thing As Pity Fuck?

(Last Updated On: 10/04/2016)

pity fuckAlthough pity fuck¬†is somewhat of a common term referring to a situation where the girl does a favor to a guy by sleeping with him out of pity for his lack of popularity among¬†women or to reward him for¬†all the efforts he put into pursuing¬†her even though she isn’t all that into him, this almost never happens in real life – a woman in her right mind is not going to sleep with a guy out of some kind of charity, if she is not attracted to him.

When it comes to giving and taking, dating/sex and business are very much alike. They are both somewhat cruel and unforgiving to those who don’t deserve it and who don’t deliver “value” to the other side.

Think about business and your behavior as a consumer – do you ever buy anything from a certain store because you feel sorry that the store doesn’t do very well and you would like to help by contributing to their bottom line? No! ¬†Do you ever go out to eat at a restaurant that you don’t like just because it’s not doing very well, and you just want to support it and prevent it from shutting down? I doubt it. This just does not happen. You purchase¬†products and services that are of high quality for a fair price from an establishment that you believe you can rely and trust when it comes to customer service and where you enjoy shopping. You may even¬†stand in line to get what you want¬†(i.e. an Apple store) or to be¬†seated at a popular restaurant that you and many others want to¬†get in, just because they deliver the kind of experience that you want and appreciate.¬† That’s it. Consumers don’t engage in charity unless they go to a benefit event specifically designated to donate¬†to charity (and where there is usually an open bar, tons of food, and lots of good looking¬†people and/or business networking opportunity for those who attend). Even the homeless people who are asking for money on the street are treated¬†the same way. People who walk by them seem to be far more generous to those who do something – dancing, singing, playing an instrument on the street – than the ones that simply sitting with their hand out or coming up to people and asking for money.

The same exact principle applies to sex and attraction. Pity fuck is a total myth. A woman is not going to sleep with a guy because she feels sorry for him or because she wants to “help” him like it might be suggested in some cheesy high school movies, where the nerdiest guy, who nobody likes and nobody talks to, so often ends up being with and having sex with the the hottest and the most popular girl in class after she dumps that football player boyfriend of hers. A woman will only be attracted to and sleep with a guy because she likes him for some reason, and she wants to do it herself. A guy who¬†is in so many ways asking¬†a woman for a pity fuck is surely on the road to being unattractive or even repelling to that girl, just like an overly aggressive marketer who is trying to “push” a product would be to most, if not, potential buyers.

So, what is the point of the above and what does it say to you?

This simple means that the right way to attract a woman  for dating, sex, or a long-term relationship, is by becoming more attractive and more desirable because of who you are as a man and as a person; not by asking them to be with you or begging them to want you to somehow hope that if you try long enough and hard enough, she will show some kind of mercy and will decide to bestow upon you the kindness of her being with you.

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  1. Brandon Manley

    Also, they may want to fuck the assistant.

  2. These people are not driven by pity but by consumerism and related impulses.

  3. Really? Because it seems fairly often that people are convinced to buy things they later don’t use or regret if the shop assistant is persuasive enough.

  4. That’s a very kind thing of you to do, but obviously it’s also a very rare gesture and doesn’t reflect typical consumer behavior.

  5. I have bought things I did not really want because I felt bad for the shop assistant.

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