Two Important Lessons from This Girl’s Experience Meeting Guys Online

online dating tips for guysI can imagine that this girl’s experience meeting guys online is typical, and it’s a mix of analysis, reflection with a few drops of disappointment and frustration about online dating in general. Among other things, her story should remind every guy of two very simple yet very important tips to improve their ability to meet and attract the women they want online:

1. Your dating profile has to be interesting and different in at least some ways.  

The author makes it clear that she couldn’t resist responding to one guy’s profile in part because of the witty headline of his profile that she could relate to related to, since she liked the show that the guy was referring to so much. Your profile too should catch a girl’s attention in some ways, and doing it with words is much better than doing it with pictures, as the latter usually makes a guy look like cheese-ball who is trying to impress way too hard in all the wrong ways.

2. The girl is just as critical of texting as I have been for a while.  

“It’s pretty depressing how we find texting to be the most efficient form of contacting one another nowadays. We 20-somethings are like slaves to the texting movement and use it as our sole source of communication.”  

– I suspect that just about every girl who hasn’t lost hope in, and who doesn’t want to give up on romance, is going to feel the same way about texting. This is just another reminder about how much better off you are calling the girl you met online rather than texting her before you even went out with her once.

Recently, I met a woman in her mid thirties who was a friend of a friend, who was excited to tell me all about this guy she has been dating for a few months and how much she likes him. At one point in our conversation, I asked her whether that guy usually asks her out by phone, e-mail, or text. She said that he never(!) asked her out by phone. It has always been either a text or an e-mail, and asking her out on their first date was not an exception to that. When I asked her if it bothered her, she said that it used to but not anymore, because “that’s just how guys are”. The fact that this girl has to settle for this mediocre communication style so early on in her relationship with that guy is as sad as the texting habits themselves. The good news is that this gives you, as a man, a great opportunity to stand out. The more guys ask girls out by texting, the more different and the more attractive your behavior will be when you call her, rather than text.


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