When the Guy Tells You That He Loves You Way Too Soon

i-love-you-guy-says-to-girlPeople’s behavior proves over and over  – whoever makes serious promises way too early without giving much thought to it, is likely to break those promises just as quickly and easily. Therefore, you can usually say one thing for sure about a guy who tells you that he loves you and you are “the one” a week after you met or just after a few dates. This probably means that he has either been lonely for a long time, at this point in his life he is so desperate for female attention and companionship that being with any female makes him much happier than being by himself. Therefore, he is so eager to express to you how happy he is about it, that he will tell you that he has developed feelings for you way sooner than you would ever expect and certainly way before you developed the same feelings for him. Or, he might be emotionally so immature and unstable that his emotions appear and disappear that quickly. Today he might tell you that he loves you and can’t imagine being without you, and tomorrow he might not be all that into you. Of course it’s also possible that the guy is just trying to tell you want you want to hear in order to sleep with you as soon as possible. Once he sleeps with you once or a couple of times, chances are he will stop telling you that he loves you that much.

Indeed, when the guy tells you that he loves you after a longer period of time and after getting to know you – when it actually comes later than you expected and wanted to hear it – is a much more reliable indicator of his true feelings toward you, because it is much more likely to be a truthful expression of how he feels about you. Let’s face it – love is an emotion that takes time to develop. A man who is only willing to tell you that he loves you when he actually feels likes he is in love with you is the one who means what he says.

It also goes without saying that a woman would enjoy hearing that the guy she is dating has feelings for her after she has gotten to know him and ideally – after she started looking forward to him saying that to her.

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