First Telephone Conversation Dialog with a Woman

Actual First Telephone Conversation between Jeremy and Trish

You may think that calling women is an outdated art that has been completely replaced with texting, and you would probably be in many ways right. However, the good news is that calling the girls you met today is so much more important and powerful than ever before precisely for this reason – because almost no one ever calls anymore, and this gives you an excellent opportunity to stand out from the rest of the guys a a more original, more confident and arguably even slightly more chivalrous guy.

The conversation below is a great example of using personality and humor to have fun and increase attraction as early as in your first phone conversation with a woman after you got her phone number. In this conversation, Jeremy met Trish two days earlier at a house party. They had a great time talking for about an hour, and then he had to leave. He got her telephone number right before he left the party.

Jeremy is calling and Trish is answering –

  • – Trish?
  • – Yes, who is this?
  • – Who do you think it is?
  • – I don’t know.
  • – Well, guess.
  • – I have no idea, honestly.
  • – Ok, I will give you a hint. It’s your secret admirer, or… at least one of them (smirk).
  • – Ahhh, Jeremy?
  • – Maybe.
  • – (giggling) how are you? I didn’t think you were going to call.
  • – I didn’t think so either (playfully) but I am in a generous mood today.
  • – (laughing) or… are you? I guess it’s my lucky day, isn’t it.
  • – It sure is. So… what are you doing?
  • – Oh, just watching a movie.
  • – Anything good, or just another Hollywood crap?
  • – (laughing) I guess it would qualify as crap? What are you doing?
  • – Oh… just came back from the game. It was a great one. Now resting and getting something to it.
  • – I see. How did you like that party?
  • – Oh, it was great. Lots of hot chicks!
  • – I am the hottest one though, right?
  • – You? Hell no! You are not hot; you are steaming. I literally saw the smoke come out of you. Did you notice that?
  • – (she chuckles) – oh, yeah, I am used to that. I had a great time. It has been a while since I have been to such a good party.
  • – Hey, can you grab a pen and paper?
  • – Why?
  • – I will tell you where and when we meet!
  • – (giggling?) oh, really? Aren’t you sure of yourself!
  • – I know, sorry – I can’t help it. That’s how we, alpha males are.
  • – Hmmm, you are an alpha male, aren’t you?
  • – Yes, well – at the very least – beta male.
  • – (laughing hard) Well, what did you have in mind?
  • – Thursday 8 pm at a café on B and 24th Street.
  • – Ok, I think I can do that.
  • – Good. You are not going to flake are you?
  • – Ahh… no. Only guys flake!
  • – Yeah, right!
  • – (both laghing)
  • – Well, you better be there.
  • – Yes, Sir (playfully)
  • – Ok, then, sounds good. I will see you on Thursday.
  • – Sounds good.
  • – Get some rest before then because you will need a lot of energy to deal with me.
  • – I could tell.
  • – Bye,
  • – Bye.


I hope you find this short conversation helpful in understanding what it means being funny and playful with a woman as early as during your first phone conversation with her after you got her number.

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