“She is 39 And Says “Swipe Left If You Are Like 45”?

A male reader asks about a 39 year old woman, whose dating profile he really liked online and who ask men who are 45 to skip her and not contact her. He is only 40, but he wonders whether it’s reasonable for a woman to have such an narrow age range of the men she would be willing to meet, and whether it’s generally says something bad about her.

I do not think she is reasonable at all. In fact, I would think that 39 & 45 can actually be a perfect age combination. One likely reason this woman is saying this is because she may have met one or two 45 year old guys who were really out of shape and low on energy, so she assumed that all guys of that age are like that, when it’s of course not true.

There is not much the guy who asked this question can or should do about it. If he otherwise likes her profile, he should just ignore that part and contact her anyway, whether he is 45 or whether is younger. He has nothing to lose. All too often women don’t really think through what they are saying on their profile, so that age range is not necessarily as big of a deal to her as she says it is, and only talking to her will reveal this.

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