Don’t Dissmiss Educated Women Who Like to Read

(Last Updated On: 12/13/2015)

hot educated women read and are fund to dateThere is a lot of bad rap out there, especially in the manosphere community, about professional, educated women. This is the type of women who read a lot and who have dedicated a lot of time and energy to school, obtaining advanced degrees from good schools. Various bloggers automatically categorize those women as ultra-feminists, overly liberated, bitch, and non-feminine. They say that  any guy in his right mind should stay away from them. I, however, urge you not to automatically make such assumptions. Don’t just dismiss the girls who went to good schools and who dedicated a lot of their life to academic work, as you might miss out on some of the best women out there – the women who are interesting and who have great sense of humor among other things.

While some highly educated women do fit the stereotype – they have a chip on their shoulder thinking that they are better than others, and they believe that they are God’s gift to this world,  others are very different – they are low-key and don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone with their behavior or with their degrees.This is where an educated woman’s real, quite confidence kicks in, and it’s very impressive to see when you run into it.

More importantly, the more educated and the more well read a girl is, the more likely she is to naturally be a more interesting person. She knows more and understands more of what you have to share. She is probably less uptight and far more appreciative of a more sophisticated wit and sense of humor, if you can offer that, because she knows how hard it is to find.  If her expectations from a man’s intellect are high, and you happened to meet them, she will appreciate you more than other women. After all, she wants it more and she has a hard time settling for anything less.

Not all educated women who went to good schools and obtained advanced degrees are aggressive ultra feminists who wish to abandon all traditional values. Having received a degree from a top school or being a member of several book clubs is not the same as being a bitch. Being educated and smart doesn’t mean stepping all over your co-workers to get that promotion. It also doesn’t mean refusing to do any traditionally female house work. The women are that aggressive were probably that way long before they went to school. A few college classes is not what changed them and turned them into the overly aggressive beings that they are.

Give educated women and yourself a chance to get to know each other. Not all are the same. You might just discover that many of them have to offer personality, sense of humor and approach to life that cannot be matched by those who have not devoted as much time to thinking, analyzing and reflecting on themselves and the world around them.

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