Five Stupid Things Many Women Write In Their Dating Profiles That You Shouldn’t

okcupid online profile mistakesAfter your read the article with general tips and advice on writing an interesting and attracting online dating profile, I would like to bring to your attention five specific things that women often include in their profile that are much better left out. These are the five stupid things that women write in their dating profiles over and over that that make them sound both unoriginal and silly:

1. Don’t make your children the center of your dating profile.

If, like many other women who look for love online,  you have children – it’s fantastic, and you should be as proud of them as every other mother, regardless of whether she is married, divorced or widowed. Children makes their parents’ life more challenging, but also much more interesting and fulfilling. However, the purpose of your online dating profile is to talk about you and not so much your children. Of course, you should not be hiding the fact that you have children, but you should also avoid saying things like “My baby is my life and he will always be in the center of my life, and if you are not ok with that, don’t bother to write…” or something like that. In addition, some women put way too many photos of their children on the dating site, which also has no purpose. Remember, you are looking for a guy to meet, have a good time, date, and possibly have a relationship in the future. This is an inherently somewhat selfish task, but in a good way. You are trying to improve your personal life and find a romantic spark. It’s a given that love your children if you have them – you don’t need to rub it in the male reader’s face, as it will achieve no good for you and your chances of meeting a great guy.

2. “I like spending time with friends.”

There is nothing wrong with saying this, if it wasn’t that common and trivial. Who doesn’t like to spend time with friends? Isn’t that what friends are for?

3. “I am intelligent, classy and sophisticated woman.”

Everyone rolls their eyes at a person who say this about themselves or writes anything else that sounds like a major bragging, so why bother and shoot yourself in the foot online? Also, most guys who are worth you time know that a truly smart and classy person has no need to announce that. Others will learn them about her based on her actions and behavior and not based on what she says about herself.

4. “I am an educated women.”

Although this is obviously a typo, it makes the writer come across as silly. If she is so educated, why couldn’t she spend an extra minute and make sure that she writes “woman” instead of “women?”  If you claim to be educated or if you say in your profile that you are looking for an educated guy, make sure that you live up to your own standards in your writing, and that your profile is well written and suggests that you deliver what you ask for.

5. “My friends made me write this profile.”

Some people still feel the need to justify why they posted their dating profile. If anything, this kind of statement, besides being redundant and being a weak introduction, makes the writer sound somewhat narrow minded – someone who is still struggling with the idea of meeting people online, which at this time is equivalent to being generally “behind.”

The choice of photos is also important – make sure that you don’t make these mistakes posting your photos on your dating profile

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  1. This should be mandatory reading for every woman putting a a dating profile! Excellent!

    Can't tell you how many times I've rolled my eyes at the arrogance in some of the things I've read.

    There is a fine line between confidence and conceit and too many women cross it proudly.

    If I wrote- "I am a strong, intelligent, handsome BLACK KING" in a profile, women would think *What a stuck up a–hole!*….

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