Bitter Yet Classic Article about Women and Smartphones

texting girl at coffee shop datingMany of Roosh’s opinions and articles may be considered extreme, hateful, and chauvinistic, but the article about Patricia’s smartphone is nothing short of genius. Through its many real-life examples and entertaining metaphors it provides a painfully honest insight into how being attached to a smartphone today affects and burdens a modern woman’s life and her experience meeting, interacting with and dating men.

This article is just as important for women as it is for men. On one hand, it should alert women that being glued to their smartphones hurts their social and dating life in more ways than they may have suspected before. On the other hand, it also explains to men the reasons behind women’s inconsistent behavior due to being overwhelmed by everything that’s coming their way through their cellphone – from Facebook and Instagram, to friends’ non-stop texting and winks/pings on all the many online dating sites they sign up for.

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Rina kult
7 years ago

I agree and I am a woman!very cold attitude to have,it makes u appear cold!