Five Simple Ways to Be More Interesting to Women on a Date and Before

interesting first dateAs I point out in just about every dating advice audio program, being an interesting guy is one of the most important parts of being more attractive to women in any situation. Here are ten easy things any guy can take to be more interesting to women from as early as when you approach and try talking to her to your first date and later:

1.Have a pick-up line that will compel her to respond to what you are saying.

Most guys’ pick up lines make a woman either ignore them or say “thanks” and move on. “You are beautiful” or “I like your dress” or “I like your smile” – what else can she say  to that except thanks and continue doing whatever she is doing.

It’s so much better to say, instead of “I like your smile” something like “You look glowing. You must be either in love or you have won the lottery. Which is it?” If she says “neither”, ask her  – “Ok, then what would you rather have  – a winning lottery ticket or a special guy come into your life?” Let her answer and then follow up on whatever she has to say. And then, move on to talk about anything else.

2. Have at least a few interesting questions to ask her about herself or the world.

Imagine a girl who is being asked by every guys she meets or goes out with the same boring questions over and over – “Where are you from?”, “What do you do?”, “What school did you go to?”, “How many siblings do you have?”  She will feel like she is almost going out on the same date over and over with a different guy.  What if you skipped all that cliche stuff and instead asked her something that no one else has asked before “Have you seen (name of the movie? I am just curious because so many people seem to like it, and yet just as many hated it and thought it was a waste of time.”

3. Have at least one interesting, off-the-beaten-path place in mind to go on a date to.

Some cities and areas have more options than others, but no matter where you live, you should try to find one or a few interesting places where you can take the girl you met on a date – a weird coffee house she might have never been too, a small park/square  which has a nice flower garden that few people know about, an older gallery or a hooka lounge where people sit on the floor are great and unique date destinations which are so much better than Cheese Cake Factory or Starbucks.

4. Have one CD in your car with unique music.

Get a CD with a lounge/ambient/ethnic music that sounds like nothing else anyone listens too. Buddha Bar and various Armenian and Turkish tunes are great, and so is Circus De Soleil music.  When you pick her up or drop her off after the date, ask her to stay in your car for a few moments and listen to one of your favorite songs on  that CD. If things went well on a date, that might be a good time and place to kiss her and more.

5. Have at least one really cool, interesting or funny video to show her on Youtube.  

One great way to spice up your date and make it more interesting is to show her at least one really funny or interesting video on Youtube. Make sure that it’s short and truly worth watching. It could be your favorite comedian or a dance performance or a really cool music video that didn’t get as much media exposure as others. For instance, the spider dance would clearly qualify. If the girl has great sense of humor and seem to appreciate sarcasm, show her a video of one of your favorite comedians that you know she is going to appreciate.

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8 years ago

Thanks for the great tips. There no excuse why every single guy couldn't follow them as they are indeed realistic and don't cost anything/much to adopt.