Three Major Cockblockers That Make You Completely Unapproachable

sunglasses, texting and earbuds are cockblockersHere is a recent posting from the Craigslist missed connections w4m section in Northern California:

“To the gentleman I sat next to on the 33 bus around 1:30pm today…

I got on at Dolores Park and got off at Potrero Center. We sat one to two rows behind the back doors on the opposite side. You: Wearing all black with a black backpack in your lap, wavy brown hair, many tattoos on your arms, reading a book. I think you said “goodbye” to a friend when they got off the bus. Me: Wearing black skinny jeans, black and grey tank top, grey sweater, grey backpack (apparently I like black and grey), sun glasses, tattoos on my arms as well, long dark to light ombre blonde hair, ear buds in while nervously texting my friend about how cute you were.I regret that I didn’t have the courage to start talking to you. Maybe you’ll read this and I’ll get a second chance. If you find this, reply with the name of the book you were reading in your email.

The saddest part is not that the two didn’t have a chance to meet; it’s the fact that the girl who wrote the above posting is completely oblivious to the fact that besides her completely understandable shyness and natural social anxiety, she herself inserted into that situation three additional obstacles – three cockblockers, if you will: the “ear buds”, “sun glasses” and “texting.” She basically made herself completely unapproachable, suggesting to the whole world around her, including the guy who set next to her, that she is not interested in being looked at or talked to.  Unfortunately all too many single women (and men too) do this. I can only wonder how many wonderful romantic situations are being missed out on by people because of these obstacles, that are so easy to remove, or even better, so easy not to have in a first place. 
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02/23/2014 8:29 pm

Women normally don't actually like meeting men in public. They almost always prefer it to be through the three acceptable means – through friends, at work – or at college. And in Northern Europe and Northern America there is a general contempt for men anyway. No wonder me and my friends look outside of there and meet many great women.

04/29/2013 2:34 am

Great article! But when do the women get criticized ( I know, it is illegal to disagree with them) for not starting a conversation?It appears that she actually was attracted to him. I can only imagine all the names they would be calling a guy who "failed" to make the "expected and required" approach in that situation.The double standards go on.

04/22/2013 11:42 am

Nah, never happened to me LOL. I'm the guy women give that creep snarl to if they even catch me looking. This may happen, but not too often and never in my experiences. Nor in my much more successful friends experiences as I'm sure I would have heard over the years. This story is hard for the average guy to connect with and why is the term called 'cockblocker"? Certainly it has nothing to do with that unless we're talking 2 men here.