Top Three Texting Mistakes That Will Make Her Lose Interest

texting mistakes with womenHere are top three bad texting mistakes that guys make over and over with girls who they are interested in, that annoy and turn girl off, and will make you look just like every other  lame guy that girls are not interested in talking, let alone dating:

Texting Mistake No. 1  Р Stop Begging for Her to Respond

If you ask her to meet by text or ask her a question and she does not respond right away, there is no reason to follow up. Rest assured that unless she has some very rare technical difficulties, if you sent her a text and it went through on your side, she has received it. You know just as well as I do that women of all ages and walks of life today are glued to their phone and are very good about checking their text messages. Maybe they are too good at it, and they could actually use a break from this much texting and social media. You may think that a simple follow-up on an unreturned text is an innocent gesture like a courtesy reminder, but it’s not. The girl very much like you feel when someone who is trying to sell you something call you over and over. And, if any of your female friends ever showed you how bad it looks on her phone when the guy asks her our by text and then follows up with another text reminding her to respond (especially if he sends more than one follow up text message), you know how lame and needy this looks. It’s possible she forgot to respond to your text, but if you decide to follow up, you should do it at least one day later. Also, don’t forget¬† – if a girl likes you or at least is interested in going out with you, she is not going to forget to text you back.

Texting Mistake No. 2  РStop Sending Weak, Lame Text Messages that Have No Substance

“What are you up to?”, “How is it going?”, “How is your day going?” “Are you having a good week so far?” ¬†– there is no reason to ever send a message like that. If you don’t have anything interesting, entertaining or thought provoking¬†to text, then don’t. Small talk over text is pointless at best and very likely to be annoying, especially if the girl you are texting to is busy and don’t have time to just text back and forth throughout the day. Sending meaningless texts also suggests that you don’t have a life and you have nothing better to do than sit around and text back and forth. Or, it could also suggest that whatever you are doing at work, at school or elsewhere is not important, as you can afford this kind of constant distraction.

If the girl you are talking to sends you empty text message, respond briefly without asking her “How about you?” or respond hours later. You shouldn’t have time to respond to pointless text messages that invite protracted exchange about nothing. It wouldn’t be good for you or for her, because the moment you engage in that kind of exchange, you turn into a text buddy, rather than a potential date or lover.

Texting Mistake No. 3 – Stop Responding to Text Messages Right Away All The Time

Unless you are an on-call ER doctor or work for an ambulance service, or you are in some other kind of other emergency service officer, there is no reason why you should respond to every single¬†text message at any time of the day right away. ¬†This is especially true if it takes the girl you are talking to hours or longer to respond to your text messages. I am not suggesting that you play games or make her wait for your response longer than you otherwise would. However, if it takes her a while to get back to you, think of the message you are sending to her when you respond right away. Does this mean that you are sitting around, holding your phone in your hands all the time and waiting for the next text from her to come in? How unattractive would that be to her to know that you are glued to your phone 24/7? This doesn’t mean that you have to play games and¬†delay your response on purpose, and it’s best to actually not check your phone every ten seconds, so that the problem takes care of itself.

Avoiding the above mistakes is both very easy and very important to making sure that you make the right impression on the girls you are interested in and would like to attract. This will also have you avoid coming across as yet another  annoying guy, who is overly eager and who is probably way too needy and desperate to deal with from their perspective.

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